5 Tips for Being Self Employed

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

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Being self employed is an amazing thing and it seems to be everyone's goal these days but in order to be successful there are a few things you should keep in mind that will not only benefit you personally but also your business.

1. Stick to a Schedule and Routine
Discipline is much easier when you are committed to a strict routine and a daily schedule.  Without this, you can easily lose track of time and miss deadlines or end up working more than you need to in a day simply because you weren't staying focused on the task at hand when you should have been.  Establish a start and end time every day and then decide on times for daily tasks.  When other things come up it will be easy to fill in the blank spots of your day with these tasks.  Time management is always the key to be a good business person.

2. Seek Help
Don't be afraid to seek out answers from experienced people or organizations such as Krystal Perkins. Read blog posts, check out newsletters, read books, and embrace advice from others in your field. If you have a problem you can't seem to figure out on your own, don't feel like being self employed means you have to stay isolated. Ask around for help and just know that someday you may be asked to return the favor. 

3. Celebrate Small Victories
If you had a crushing deadline that you met and you feel a huge weight off your back, embrace it and celebrate that small victory.  Embracing your achievements builds up the momentum to keep going and work harder and harder.

4. Networking is Key
Look for events in your area where you can network and expand your client list.  Use social media for networking digitally on a regular basis and you can meet others in your field and hopefully new clients will find you and engage with you.

5. Plan Your Projects
Each month you should have a big project to work on whether it's growing and promoting your business or completing an assigned project from a client.  This type of schedule will give you structure and ensure you have something to work on even during times when business is slow.

With a little effort on a regular basis, you can keep moving forward and succeeding as a self employed business person.

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  1. You are spot on with these tips! I really do believe in time discipline. I think I struggle with this area the most thiugh! When at home, I am distracted by house chores which is why I like to get out and work in a café or library. I also love what you said about seeking help. This is an area I am also working on. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I hear that a lot - people get too distracted at home so they gotta find a better place to work., I totally get it. Sometimes it's hard for me to even write a blog post at home lol!

  2. Great tips and advise! I love the idea of planning a project, keeps you busy even if you are not!

    1. Yes it's always good to find something to keep busy or you'll go crazy with boredom


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