Caring For Your Dog's Bones

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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Bones and joints are the key to life for both dogs and humans.  If you think I'm kidding think about how a bone or joint injury can completely derail someone's daily life.  Recently Stella injured her ACL and through conservative measures, it's really been healing well.  That being said, I wanted to educate you on the importance of proper care for bones and joints in your dog so you can prevent something similar from happening.

Create a Safe Environment
If you have a little dog you should have ramps or steps to help them get up on furniture rather than jumping on and off.  Sometimes the impact can be too much and they can get an injury or even just fall and bump their head the wrong way. 

If you have hardwood floors like we do, make sure there are plenty of carpeted areas with area rugs and runners.  Dogs can slip so easily on hardwood floors and that can cause injury in a split second. 

Safe Grooming
Dog nails should always be trimmed so that they aren't walking on their toe nails.  If you've ever watched a dog run with overgrown toenails you'll notice their paw pads can't grip the ground as well so they sort of slip.  And if your dog has long tufts of fur between their paw pads it's a great idea to trim that down on a weekly basis. Stella's gets too long and then I noticed her struggling to grip the hardwood floors when she walks.

Good Nutrition
The number one issue with obesity in both dogs and humans is that a few extra means of weight can mean A LOT of extra pressure on your joints.  This is NOT good and one of the reasons Stella had an ACL injury was because she was overweight. She went on an immediate diet of half her regular portion of food and some green beans (as a filler) and within a month she lost 2 pounds, which is a lot for her tiny size.  I saw instant results and it was much easier for her to get around.

You also want to feed a quality food that has ingredients that promote good joint health and strong bones.  Do your research and decide which high quality brand is for you.

Use Supplements for An Extra Boost
Obviously your dog should get important vitamins and nutrients in their regular kibble but sometimes you need an extra boost. That's where a product like Arthramine comes into play. Arthamine is an all natural supplement for dogs which promotes join health and functions while building, protecting, and helping to repair cartilage.  It helps build and repair connective tissue and can even help reduce pain and inflammation.  This means your dog can have increased mobility and more of a desire to play.  It also protects your dog from further cartilage breakdown.  Stella (and all of my pups) take this everyday and I've noticed they've all been getting around a lot better.  The supplement is full of beneficial ingredients like Chondroitin , Glucosamine, and Hyaluronic Acid.  There's really no excuse to not give your dog an extra boost when it's so easily found in the form of a daily supplement.

What do you do for your dog's bones and joints? Or what would you like to start doing more of?

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