Give Your Wardrobe A Fresh Start || 5 Items To Replace

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The weather's nice, the air is fresh, and you're more motivated to wear bright fun colors and patterns because Spring is finally here!  This is also the time when people get motivated to go through their closet and get rid of things they are no longer fond of as well as add some new items to freshen up your options.  But there are some items in your all-season wardrobe that get neglected and they are items that it's always worth refreshing.  So when you are tossing and donating the old and making a list of the new, don't neglect these 5 items that could use a good refresh!

We were are undergarments so much that we tend to just look past the stretching, tiny holes, or uncomfortable fit.  In fact some of us feel guilty getting new underwear or bras for ourselves.  Well, that has to stop.  Dump out your underwear drawer and line up your bras.  Get rid of anything with holes, anything that's shrunk too much, and anything that looks like you've had it for 20 years or more.  I'm telling you that when the clothing closest to your skin is fresh and new and fun, you will feel so much better.  Look at your bras and see if there's any parts coming apart or if the bras seem stretched and worn.  Then head out to the store and find the best deal possible on some fresh undies and sparkling new bras!

Socks get so neglected and even though they get holes in them sometimes we don't even notice.  The bottoms will be thinned out and until you step in a puddle inside your home in socks with a hole, you likely don't think to get rid of them.  Get out all of your socks and spread them on your bed.  Get rid of any that don't have matches, have holes, or are paper thin on the bottom.   Then make a shopping list of the ankle height, color, and material you need before you hit the store. 

Once again there's something to be said for feeling great even in the clothing you sleep in.  I wear the same couple sets of pajamas on a constant basis so they do wear out pretty quickly.  Inspect all your tops and bottoms for stretching, fraying fabric, and if anything squeezes and makes you uncomfortable it's gotta go!   Then look for anything that you NEVER wear and get rid of it.  I used to have tons of long sleeved pajama tops but never wore them because I get hot when I sleep, so why was I holding onto them?? Then get out there and get some new jammies!

Makeup can actually go bad.  So if you've had anything for over a couple of years it may be time to toss it.  Also ask yourself why you don't wear some of the unused makeup.  Maybe you just don't like the colors so then why are you still holding onto it?   I go through my makeup collection every 2 years.  I make a list of anything I'm running low on and then I stock up when I find coupons or deals. This is also a good time to wash makeup brushes and toss anything that's broken.

Workout Gear
If you work out on a regular basis chances are you need to refresh your workout wardrobe every couple of years.  Even though we wash these items, they can still harbor bacteria over time.  Check sports bras for the proper fit, replace any workout pants that are ridden with holes, and invest in some new tops to keep your wardrobe fun and motivating.  I'm telling you that when you have some cute outfits to wear, you're more likely to put them on and get moving!

When's the last time you refreshed any of these items in your wardrobe?

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