DIY Car Fixes

Sunday, April 1, 2018

It’s no secret that running a car is expensive. In fact, it is so well known that a lot of people are now putting off getting behind the wheel until they’re a bit older. The money that can be saved by doing this is amazing, but there’s no denying that the ability to drive is an absolute lifesaver. The amount of times that you will have needed to dash to the shops for something quickly and simply got into your car and drove away, imagine having to walk, or get a bus, just for something so simple as a missing ingredient for the dinner.

Now, one of the most expensive things about owning a car is the sudden breakdowns that can happen, and that can cost hundreds. So to save you some money, we’ve got some of the most common DIY car fixes for you.

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Electrical Issues
The thing with cars nowadays is that they’re full of so much tech and electrical circuits that if something does go wrong with a car, it most likely is going to be an electrical issue. Luckily for you however it isn’t always a bad thing, and they are relatively easy and cheap to fix. The first thing you need to do is learn
more about obd-2 devices. To keep it basic, you can use them to check what might be wrong with your car before assuming it is completely broke and taking it to a mechanic, which will cost money! It’ll connect to your car's computer system and give you a diagnostic. One common issue that a lot of newer cars have is an unknown passenger airbag warning light. This often means it is disengaged, and it’s just not safe for a passenger to travel if it is. The first thing you can do is make sure no where has messed with the switch that can be found in the passenger glove box. The next would be to find instructions from either your car manual or online to locate the wire for the passenger airbag. It could have just come loose as someone was moving the seat!

Mechanical Issues
Mechanical issues can be a lot harder to fix, so trying to DIY beforehand is always worth it. A dead battery is one of the easiest to replace if you know how to. In fact, it might not even need replacing. If you’ve left your interior light on all night, you’re obviously going to drain it. In this instance, all you need to do is jump start the car using jump leads,
a guide to that can be found here, and then leave your car running for a while by going for a drive to charge the battery again. Alternatively, you can buy car battery chargers, so it might be worth looking into them. Another issue that can affect the mechanics of the car is the oil for the engine. If it runs too low your engine will overheat, and if it overheats too much you will find yourself paying hundreds to fix it. Simply check your engine oil levels by pulling out the dipstick. It should be at least half way up the ridges. If there’s no oil at oil, simply go to your local auto shop to purchase some, and slowly pour some in, making sure you’re definitely putting it in the right place.

So there we go, some of the most common car fixes that you can do from the comfort of your own home!

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