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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Over the past couple of months I've been sharing advice for bloggers and businesses for different aspects of your brand and social media.  We've talked about how to create interesting content on your blog, how to network on Twitter, and how to utilize Instagram despite all of the algorithm changes. Today it's time to discuss a very fun social network- Pinterest.  Pinterest is awesome because it uses visuals and it's so easy to share content.  It literally takes seconds and only a single click to pin something.  People are always searching Pinterest for answers, ideas, and inspiration. So how can you maximize your brand or business reach on Pinterest?  Well, here are a few tips.

Take Beautiful Photos
Photos are the selling point of a good pin so you have to pin the best photos from each of your posts.  Photos should be bright and easy to understand what they show.  Having a title on your graphic really helps catch the eye of the reader because they'll know what to expect when they click to your site.

Good Descriptions
The description area under each pin should describe what the reader will find by visiting your site and should contain relevant hashtags.  If you are trying to share a tutorial on easy wedding hair then make sure you use keywords and hashtags that relate to that. 

Pin Often
Every time you add a new blog post or a new photo, PIN IT! Pin it immediately and pin it often.  I go back through some of my most successful blog posts and re-pin the photos from them every month.  So much of my blog traffic comes from my pins so I know that regardless of the date, the post is still going viral.

Pin Other People's Photos
Share the love when it comes to growing your blog and Pinterest.  Share great content that other bloggers in your niche put out.  Everyone gets notifications of what pins get shared by whom so it can drive those pinners to visit your site and pin some of YOUR content.

Gain Pins and Followers with Giveaways
A great way to get noticed on Pinterest is to hold giveaway that have an entry where the person gets an extra entry for pinning your post.  Also you can require them to follow your Pinterest.  This is a super simple way to get your numbers to grow.   

Sell Yourself in Your Bio
The bio on your Pinterest page should tell readers what you pin, what you do, and why they will like your content.  Use a clear profile photo as well and include a link to your site.

Organize Your Boards
No one likes a cluttered page so make sure you organize all of your pins into different categories.  You can choose a description for each board and a main photo.  It's nice to have an organized Pinterest page so when people are looking through your boards they can find what they want.

Have a Pin Button on Your Site
If you don't already have a Pin button on your blog or website you need to Google how to add one.  Then there is really no excuse for people not to Pin your content.  There are buttons that can appear in the corner of a photo or even when you hover over top of the photo. 

So that all being said - Follow me on Pinterest and share a few of my pins.  And then leave a comment below with a link to YOUR Pinterest so I can follow you and return the favor! Also, other readers can join in.

What do you struggle with when it comes to Pinterest? Do you have any tips that I missed?

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