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Friday, April 27, 2018

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So it's time to wrap up the April Chewy 30 Day Challenge with Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak Grain-Free Natural Wetlands Recipe from Chewy. The chicken, duck, and pheasant flavor was clearly a big hit because dinner time and breakfast are still dancing time in our home.  Yes, that's right, they begin to dance when they see the food pouring into their bowls!

Chewy even sent me some of the wet food for me to mix in with the regular dry kibble with my pups and it was great. I love the choice between dry or wet! This is by far one of my favorite food brands for my dogs.  I love that there is no more incessant licking of the paws and there is a whole lot less shedding.  

Their stools are even more regular than ever before and the smell isn't so horrid.  Keep in mind, my dogs go inside on pee pee pads so the smell is a very big deal in my household.  Many times I didn't even know they went because I couldn't smell it from the other room. 

Stella's been able to maintain a healthy weight on this food which means I can continue to keep her on this since I have the proper portion control figured out for her. 

I am definitely going to stick with this brand for a while.  I love the price, the packaging, the kibble itself, and the results I've seen with my dogs.  If you are looking for a new brand of food to try, please consider Rachael Ray Nutrish!

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