Comfy in Statement Red

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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If you ask me what my go to outfit is when I want to be comfortable but still presentable in public, it's definitely a pair of boots with skinny jeans and a flannel top.  

Flannel tops give a nice country chic look without being too frumpy.  Plus if you don't want to wear boots with a top like this then casual sneakers can look just fine! But sometimes I still need my outfit to pop and I need something that's going to stand out.

Let's talk about red and how the color itself makes a bold statement. I don't own any red in my wardrobe and actually this is the first piece of red jewelry I've ever owned!

I'm obsessed with this Red Statement Tagua Nut Necklace from GalapagosTagua.  I actually first spotted it in Pioneer Woman magazine! GalapagosTagua is an awesome  company owned by Alejandra who is originally from Ecuador.  The company is a great mix of the love of her home country and a great way to give back to the artisans from Ecuador.   The name comes from the Tagua Nut which is a seed from a palm tree that grows primarily in the northern part of South  America.  It's used to make a lot of gorgeous jewelry items as well as piano keyboards, buttons, and chess pieces and it's so similar to elephant ivory that it's known as the "Vegetable Ivory". 

Just look at how beautiful it is!  Each piece is eco-friendly, fair trade, and handmade which gives everything a unique feel and look.

As for comfort, this necklace is large and makes a big statement but it's very lightweight which is ideal for me.  Sometimes I'll wear a statement necklace and it's so heavy that my neck feels sore by the end of the day.

And check out the adorable matching statement earrings! They look adorable together but you can even wear them separately to make another statement!  

Check out GalapagosTagua today and let me know in the comments below what your favorite piece is!

And use the code: AskAway to receive 10% of sitewide. The code expires April 23rd!   And GalapagosTagua offers free shipping to the US and Canada with no minimum purchase required!

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