How To Organize A Linen Closet

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

How To Organize a linen closet

Ah, the dreaded linen closet.  For some reason every other nook and cranny in your home can be completely on point but for some reason, we ALL struggle with the linen closet.  I mean, what's it matter though if house guests don't really see it?  Does it really matter if it's neat and organized or not? 

Well, consider this... cleaning up, changing sheets, and accessing other odds and ends in this closet will be a breeze when the space they're all stored in is tidy and everything has a place that's easy to find without the whole stack of towels falling onto you.  

So today, let's talk about how to organize a linen closet.

Our home has TWO linen closets. There's a tiny one in the bathroom off of the master bedroom and then there's one in the hallway near our dining room that we consider a utility/linen closet.    I use all of these tips and tricks in both closets.

Keep Like Items Together
On my shelves I keep cleaning supplies grouped by purpose. There's pet stain removers in one row, glass and surface cleaners in another, floor cleaners in a separate one, and even a row for the random ones like Goo Gone.  It makes more sense to keep like items together so that you aren't rooting through your rows to find what you need. Also stand things up with the most often used products in the front. 

Drawers Take Organizing To The Next Level
Drawers are amazing for tiny things that don't sit nicely on a large shelf.  We don't really have bathroom sink storage because our bathrooms are so tiny so in our bathroom linen closet I put the smallest items that don't fit in our tiny medicine cabinet in drawers and labeled them.  Clear front drawers are a must have because seeing your stuff makes it easier to find it, even if it's already labeled. 

Only Buy Bulk If You Can Fit It
So we don't really have any other spot for our "extras" like my next bottle of mousse and contact lens solution. So the key is, despite the sales, ONLY buy 1 extra of something and that way you can find it when you need it and won't end up having to run out to the store for something you already own!  
Lesser Used Items Up High
Our linen closet in the bathroom is sort of awkward in that it's extremely skinny and very tall. So I put items that we rarely need at the very top.  Also notice how I folded these in a way that makes it easy to see the selection. 
Portable Bins Are Your Friend
I love bins especially when they're labeled but they're also great because they're portable.  If there's an emergency I can easily grab the medicine bin and take it with me.  I also have a little travel bin of toiletries that are smaller sized so that whenever I'm packing for a trip I can just set the bin by me as I pack and grab what I need out of it.   And my nail polish bin means I can bring my entire collection of nail polish and manicure tools to whatever room I'm in. 

Clear Storage is Easier To See
So for some of my cleaning machines they came with small parts and supplies and when I need access to them I like to be able to see where they are in the plastic bin before I start rooting around.  
Wire Baskets are AMAZING
I love wire baskets in a linen closet because they give it a nice modern utility look but also are very practical because you can see your stuff and easily pick the basket up to take it out if you need to. All of my cloth napkins, extra kitchen washcloths, and place mats fold neatly in the basket. 
Fold Beach Towels So They Fit
In the summer, your beach towels may be used quite often, especially if you have a pool in your backyard.  So if you need to fold them skinny so they stack on the narrow spot on your linen closet shelf, go for it! If you need them rolled so they fit in a basket in your linen closet, go right ahead.  Make sure the most commonly used things are easy to access and fit where they're supposed to be stored. 

And there you have it.   Now go remove everything from YOUR linen closet and start from scratch. 

Purge what you don't need. 

Find homes for things that don't belong in the linen closet. 

Then group like items together and make sure to take stock of what you are running low with. 

Now place everything back according to my tips.  Utilize shoe boxes in the meantime for wire baskets and such. 

Are you going to work on YOUR linen closet? 

How To Organize a linen closet

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  1. I cleaned out my linen closet last month.


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