5 Of The Best Spring Time Flowers For Your Garden'

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Keen gardeners often look forward to the end of winter, as the spring draws near we start to see a little color return to our gardens. There are so many beautiful flowers that can complete your springtime garden. For a few ideas, these five flowers are some of the best picks.

1 . Tulips

Tulips are the perfect plant for the springtime, these beautiful flowers will give your garden a nice color-pop and a touch of elegance. These flowers grow best in well-drained soil with shelter from the wind. Tulips don’t do well in overly wet conditions, so it can help to shade them with a garden umbrella during spells of heavy rain. Add organic matter to your soil before planting, this creates the ideal conditions for tulips. (The perfect excuse to perfect your composting skills)! When you plant tulips, be sure to give the flowers enough space. Generally, you’ll want to leave a space that’s two times the width of the bulbs.

2. Rhododendron

Rhododendrons look just amazing in any garden, with their eye-catching flowers and leaves that stay green even in winter time. These plants have a preference for moist summers with enough rainfall. There are thousands of types of the flower and some can grow to twenty five feet! With a range of colors from yellow to red, purple and white; your spring garden will be resembling a rainbow in no time.

3. Hyacinth

For a truly gorgeous spring garden, Hyacinths are exactly what you need. Colors range from soft blue to bright pink, these flowers produce a strong fragrance. It’s best to plant hyacinth bulbs in the autumn time. Leave a space of at least 3 inches between the bulbs and plant them around 4-5 inches deep. Hyacinth bulbs need moderately fertile soil that’s well drained and access to plenty of sunlight. When you are planting these bulbs be sure to use gloves as they contain an acidic substance which can irritate the skin.

4. Crocus Flowers

Crocus flowers bloom early in the springtime, providing your garden with the color it desires after the winter months. The great thing about Crocus plants is that they multiply and keep returning each year. Usually these flowers grow to about 3 to 6 inches tall, they need at least partial sun to thrive. The crocus flower does not usually grow in climates that are overly hot. You should plant them in well drained soil and avoid planting in areas of dense shade.

5. Primrose

Primrose flowers are a beautiful choice for your spring garden, you can use these for your containers or borders, as well as on your lawn. Like crocus flowers, the primrose multiplies and blooms again each year. Primrose perennials need rich and well drained soil with organic matter. You should set your primroses about 20cm apart and around 6 inches deep. Be sure to add mulch around the plants, this will help to lock in the moisture. The more gardening tips that you learn, the better your space will look.

Improving your garden is the perfect time to get your other exterior home maintenance jobs done. From pressure washing your path, to Window Cleaning and an exterior lick of paint, you’ll soon have your outdoor space looking perfect.

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