How To Declutter A Room

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Have you ever walked into a room in your home and realized how much of a hot mess it is? The more you avoid it, the more overwhelming it gets until eventually you have to deal with it in a rush because you have guests coming over. I know it feels super overwhelming and time consuming, but today I’m going to show you how to break it down into a process that will allow you to sort through, declutter, and re-organize ANY room in your home.

Do a quick trash pickup.

First things first, anything that is obviously trash (food, wrappers, crumpled pieces of paper, etc.) needs to go. Throw it out right away. This gives you more room to work with and it already helps you start the decluttering process.

Empty everything out.

If you have drawers, empty them out so you can see everything. Take piles and begin to spread out the contents of them. It’ll be easier for you to see what all you have so that you can gather like items and organize them.

Begin by category.

Some people tend to do one section at a time but the problem is, you are just organizing all kinds of stuff in different spaces. It’s easier to do it by category. So if you’re decluttering your home office room, you may want to start with art supplies, then paper files, then books, then office supplies and so on. If you’re doing the toy room, you may want to start with stuffed animals, then electronics, then board games. The reason categories work better is that you can scan the room for all items in that category and then gather them together before purging what you don’t want and organizing the rest. It also saves you from having to walk back and forth to your already organized craft drawer when you find craft items in your office supply drawer.

Get rid of excess or broken items.

Do you really need 12 pairs of scissors? Keep only the best. If you have a drawer full of pens, get rid of any that don’t work any longer. Ask yourself if there is any possible use for certain items and if there isn’t and you don’t have the space, donate it or toss it.

Put everything back.

Now it’s time to put everything back in a nice organized manner. Use little jewelry boxes for organizing drawers and keeping things separate. Extra mugs and jars can store pens, paintbrushes, scissors, and art supplies. Important papers could go up on a bulletin board if you have one.

See, it wasn’t that bad if you break it down into a nice easy process!


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