Bringing The Inside Out: Adding Finishing Touches To Your Garden

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The garden is the unsung hero of any home. During the summer months it is the place for families and friends to congregate. And if you spend a long time working very hard to create a garden that suits the aesthetics of your home, but is a unique space in its own right, it's about those little finishing touches. What are the best ideas to ensure that you add that little extra style and substance to your garden?
Garden Furniture

If you have got a bunch of outdoor decor to show off it's not just about putting it in a central location but it's about making sure that you know where it can be utilized most effectively. Every garden should have a decent amount of sunshine, but during those incredibly hot summer days it is best to install a shade structure. If your garden is big enough you can move the furniture around. Or if you are looking to create a focal point like a pond or even a swimming pool, the garden furniture has to add to the aesthetics rather than detract from them. The garden furniture needs to work well with your house. Any garden accessory needs to link back to the aesthetics of the home.

Deciding On A Color Theme

Picking the right color theme is all about looking at your home and making the garden a logical extension of this. You could choose something like yellow with slate materials if your home has yellow bricks and a slate roof. And with something like slate it's a very diverse piece of material and can lend itself well to numerous colors. Slate can be almost gray but it can be blue or purple as well. This means that if you can find a color theme that unifies the materials of the house in the garden it's going to be more pleasing to the eye and won't look as cluttered stylistically.

Sorting Your Lighting

The most important thing to remember is that lighting has a substantial impact on the feel of the space during the day as well as the night. You could install plenty of cheap lighting around the garden space to add a cozy summer's eve feel but will these lanterns look great during the day? Look at investing in string lights which look like little glitter balls. It creates a very pretty style during the night but you don't necessarily notice them during the day.

Fix Up The Loose Ends

There may be things in the garden that have been around for a while. You don't necessarily have to get rid of them, in fact, a lick of paint could be all that it needs to change the aesthetics. If you've got a pergola you can put a corrugated iron roof on top to make it a multi-purpose space so you have got somewhere to relax during all weathers!

The garden is the space for you to relax, to socialize, but it's also got to be stylistically linked to your home. Add these little finishing touches and you will see a big difference in the space.

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