Could You Be A Mean, Lean, Fifteen-Minute Cleaning Machine?

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Owning a house is great, isn’t it? Finally, you can create the space you want however you want it, and shut the door on the rest of the world after a long day. You don’t need to worry about landlords or pushy parents; it’s all down to you. Sadly, so is the cleaning.

Cleaning is, by far, the worst part of homeownership, and for many of us, it’s a task that’s just never finished. The second you finish scrubbing the living room top to bottom, for instance, you can bet the kitchen will suddenly look so scruffy you have to give it the same attention. No sooner have you scrubbed the kitchen floors than your pooch has run all over them with muddy paws. It’s an endless cycle of cleaning cloths and bleach, and it’s guaranteed to drive you wild if you let it.

Yet, in recent years, claims have been coming to the fore that it’s possible to keep your home pristine in as little as fifteen minutes a day. It sounds like madness, but, once you start looking into the reasons for this thinking, there is some pretty solid reasoning behind it.

To get started here you will, of course, need a blank canvas to work with. Then, you’ll want to consider the following simple pointers that could turn you into a mean, lean, fifteen-minute cleaning machine in no time.

# 1 - The tools in your arsenal

Your cleaning tools do, of course, greatly dictate the time you spend on this task. With that in mind, only by investing in the perfect tools for your purpose can you cut cleaning times in half. Perhaps the most obvious example here would be something like a dishwasher, which can save you as much as half an hour washing dishes every single day. Not to mention that the ability to load straight into it can ensure you never have to let dirty plates pile on the side.

Looking more deeply into the issue, the ideal cleaning supplies can also reduce the time you need to spend on the task of cleaning itself. Stocking up on the best quality cleaners out there can, for instance, save you hours of scrubbing. Equally, investing in essentials like the self-wringing mopnado spin mop could also save you from redundant, time-wasting processes throughout. As simple as that, you can easily cut your cleaning time each day in half, and that’s just the tip of your fifteen-minute iceberg.

# 2 - Always know what you need to do

Cleaning is one of those tasks that we’re always keen to procrastinate over as much as possible. Sadly, this avoidance in itself can add substantial time to your overall cleaning process, and it becomes a whole lot less likely if you have no set cleaning plan to guide you.

That’s why you should always keep a clear cleaning list to hand so that you can get straight down to the next task without question or delay. Over the week, that could save you a good few hours in wasted time, and make for a much easier life overall!

Of course, your whole fifteen-minute mantra will primarily go to waste if you spend hours one day each week writing out a comprehensive list. So, keep this simple. You know what needs cleaning in your home, after all, and you should have a pretty clear idea of the best rotation to keep things sparkling. You may even be able to rotate one cleaning to-do list week in and week out for a fool-proof routine that you don’t even have to think about initially.

Either way, be sure that you’re always able to know before you begin what cleaning task or tasks that you have to complete in that fifteen-minute timeframe.

# 3 - Clean as you go

This may be something of a cheat given that it’s not actually included in that fifteen-minute time slot, but there’s a lot to be said for cleaning as you go as well. This is such a basic task that it needn’t take you any real time out of whatever you’re already doing. Yet, it guarantees that you’re able to tackle cleaning fast when you do dedicate that set timeframe to the matter.

Something as simple as putting wrappers in the bin counts here, as does wiping up spillages as they happen, and cleaning the kitchen sides as and when you get food on them. Even putting dishes in the dishwasher as they get dirty can help. With these basics out the way, you’re free to dedicate your fifteen-minute timeframe to the essentials, like mopping those floors, polishing all that dust build-up, and generally keeping on top of everything else that you can’t tackle as and when. Clean as you go enough, and you may even find that fifteen-minutes is way longer than you need to get that room sparkling fresh all over again.

# 4 - Learn to multitask

There is a lot to be said for dedicating yourself fully to one cleaning task at a time, but this one-by-one approach also poses some problems when you feel the need for cleaning speed. That’s why you might also want to consider learning a few multitasking basics when it comes to your cleaning focus moving forward.

By this, we don’t mean that you need to dust and mop at the same time (although you could if you wanted to). Instead, we mean simple things, like learning to pick up anything for the bin when you’re already sweeping, or keeping an eye out for any potential cleaning requirements as you complete the tasks that are already on your list.

This, alone, can help you to simplify the cleaning process, and again shorten the time you need to spend on these efforts.

# 5 - Don’t be afraid of shortcuts

You might assume that shortcuts and cleaning in the same sentence is a recipe for disaster. After all, most of us associate cutting corners with doing things by half or rushing the process to get where we want to be. But, there’s no reason that needs to be the case. In fact, some fantastic cleaning shortcuts ensure you can lessen the time you spend on this task without once compromising on a quality finish.

In this sense, shortcuts involve little more than knowing how to use household items to create grease-defeating cleaners, or even how to get the gunk out of your microwave without scrubbing the thing for hours on end.

If anything, these techniques should turn you into a better cleaner than you’ve ever been before. And, of course, they have significant benefit of saving you substantial amounts of time once you stash them in your cleaning encyclopedia for reference. As simple as that, even tough stains won’t be a challenge that takes more than fifteen minutes to tackle.

# 6 - Learn the tricks of the trade

Along roughly the same lines, you’ll also want to learn the tricks of the trade in terms of making your rooms appear clean, even if you don’t have the time necessary to make them so. By this, we obviously don’t mean the old ‘shove it all under the sofa’ trick. Still, there are some sneaky methods out there that can achieve much the same results as that old chestnut, but more efficiently. Admittedly, you might want to avoid using some of these regularly, but they are the ideal fast-clean solution if a friend suddenly calls up to come round without notice.

Most commonly, options like air freshener and quickly wiping down surfaces are all common go-to's here. Equally, decluttering can go a long way towards making your rooms look cleaner, not least because a lack of ornaments can prevent the build-up of unwanted dust. You may even find that storing mess in your laundry basket or a similar receptacle for now will be the ideal way to get a room sparkling in seconds. Though, do note that you will need to address that issue properly as soon as your panic is over to avoid adding unwanted work onto your next fifteen-minute session!


Cleaning in fifteen-minutes flat might seem like a mighty task, but trust us when we say that this goal is well within your reach. Admittedly, your efforts will be mainly about surface cleanliness, so you may find that you do still need to consider a semi-annual clean that goes a little deeper. Still, reducing efforts here to fifteen-minutes a day is guaranteed to be a God-send.

To get yourself into this habit, start setting a timer and seeing how much you can get finished in that period. Then, begin challenging yourself by working faster, or seeking solutions that reduce your time frame even further. Before you know it, you’ll be able to clean in fifteen minutes as standard, and thus free up vast amounts of time each week to learn a new hobby, or just chill the heck out on the sofa for once.

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