How I Embraced My Own Spirituality

Monday, February 10, 2020

You may have noticed over the last few months with my social media feed I am sharing altars, nature, and spiritual type posts. I share my altar each wheel of the year holiday, I make nature mandalas out of leaves when I’m outside, and I set intentions with candles and carry crystals around at all times. So what’s the deal?

Well, from a young age I always was into nature and animals and the seasons and making things. I would pretend to make my own special potions and brews to help the animals in my yard. I felt more at peace sitting by the creek than I did in a church. My parents stopped taking me and my brother to church at an early age and they told us they didn’t want to influence us in any way. They felt confident we’d be fine discovering what we wanted to believe and do on our own. And I’m SO GLAD they did that.

When I felt sad, I’d stand outside and feel the wind soothe me. I talked to the ducks in our backyard and befriended them. I drew lots of pictures and had a big imagination and I used it to get creative with crafts and other things.

Over the years I just felt drawn to the Earth and to the universe as a whole as my “higher power” if you will. But I suppressed it and kept it more to myself until I had a pivotal moment earlier this year. I volunteer doing pet therapy through a hospice organization and at their annual volunteer appreciation luncheon, I was sitting with their chaplain. He started talking about how he actually was converting from Catholocism to Buddhism. He said it aligned more with his lifestyle and it just felt right for him. Something went off in my head and I realized, if this guy has the guts to do that, then I have no excuse for not living more authentically.

So I started doing the things I did as a kind that made me happy. I collected herbs to make little medicinal pouches, made my own smudge sticks, began setting intentions and celebrating the moon phases. I also started embracing the Pagan wheel of the year which is just an Earth based series of celebrations (8 of them) that are all based around how the Earth changes with each season. It was awesome! And as soon as I came out, I realized there are TONS of people I already knew and tons I’ve met at spiritual type events. I feel so free and alive.

So what do I do exactly?

Well, I’ve healed my dogs ailments with all natural earthy remedies from my garden which is a form of herbal magick. I celebrate full moons by leaving crystals out to charge and leaving bottles of water out to make moon water. I have altar rituals to celebrate things like successes, getting good luck, changing of the seasons, and whatever else I want to do. When I gather with friends we do the same type of stuff. We do a lot of self-work together and individually.

Crystals line my home on every counter possible. I have hand made d├ęcor I’ve crafted using string, sticks, and crystals. I stand outside in my bare feet to make direct contact with the Earth. I get real witchy in the kitchen, adding fun herbs and spices to everything. When my dogs are going through something, I light a sacred candle, mix together healing herbs and inhale it as I send my wish to the universe to help me through this. I am part of a sacred women’s circle and part of a group of gals that gathers to celebrate the sabbats and the moons. I get to celebrate regular holidays, commercial holidays, full moons, new moons, and 8 sabbats a year. It’s always a joyful time of year for me.

I am living more mindfully, giving back to others whenever possible, and helping others on their path to better themselves inside and out. I educate others on what pagans are (anything that isn’t standard Christian – so buddhism and other things), and how there’s nothing scary about people that just love to be really down to Earth. In fact, I remind everyone that as long as your spiritual, you can be whatever you want. Me and my friends respect everyone of every religion and every belief system. We all get along. It’s love and light all over. We get reiki and other bodywork done, we learn how to make things from nature, we have gardens we lovingly tend to, and we are always reading or working on some sort of self help adventure.

We take care of the Earth and give back to it as well as taking care of everyone else who needs it. I think it’s magical. I’m still on my journey of inner work but my best advice is to just DO YOU!!!

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