How To Make College More Affordable

Friday, February 14, 2020

Don’t be mislead by this post title because college can come with huge costs but it can be really worth it, especially if you’re smart with your finances before, during, and after. For those that wish to attend college but are worried about the costs, here are some tips to help you make the entire experience of college more affordable.

Apply for Scholarships

There are lots of scholarship opportunities out there, like the Nancy Etz Scholarship which was created to help those currently enrolled as full-time undergraduate or graduate students in the United States.

Scholarships can help to reduce college costs and there are all types of scholarships both big and small out there. Make sure you do your research and try to find as many scholarships as possible to apply for. Put your all into your application and keep track of every one you’ve applied for and the status of each.

Curb Spending

Whether you want to save money towards college or you just want to be able to get by each month, you need to be mindful of your spending. This means you should evaluate where your money goes and try to minimize expenses as much as possible so you can set money aside for emergencies or to go towards college expenses. Set certain money aside for certain regular expenses like groceries and doctor’s appointments and don’t go over the amount you’ve set aside for each expense. Try to resist the urge to dine out regularly and plan your meals out as much as possible.

Affordable Housing

Look for the most affordable options for housing whether it’s on campus with a roommate, off campus with a roommate, or you stay at home and just commute. Having a roommate is a great way to cut your housing expenses in half as long as you’re willing to share a space with someone else. Some people don’t want to share a living space with anyone but you have to make the sacrifices necessary to get you ahead in the future. Your school situation is only temporary and if you focus on the important part (your studies) you can power on ahead.

Cut Back on Supplies

Only purchase supplies you need and don’t get too caught up with getting the best looking or special brand name supplies. Thrift stores and dollar stores are a great place to find cheap school supplies. The same goes for your housing situation. You don’t need to have a fancy decorated place, just a place that’s going to let you focus on your school work and have some peaceful down time.


While it seems like college is all about fun and partying, that’s only a small part of the experience and you need to remember you’re spending your money to LEARN. Don’t neglect your studies or lose sight of your original goal of why you even started on this path.

What ways have you cut back on college costs for yourself or your kids?

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