A Day in the Life of My Dogs

Friday, February 7, 2020


I always jokingly say how my dogs live THE absolute best life ever, but they really do. I mean no wonder they never try to run away from home. If I could come back as anything, it’d be a dog…owned by me. Seriously, I know I don’t have kids so maybe that’s why my dogs live like humans, but either way I figured it’d be fun to look at a day in the life of my dogs.

5:15 AM

Pixie: I’m hungry, FEED ME. At this point I wake up and cry so mommy lets me off the bed so I can go pee on my potty pads then start crying in the hall until she wakes up and feeds me. Even if her beeping phone doesn’t go off, I still wake mommy up at this time.

Grace: As soon as sister Pixie is up, I begin running back and forth across the bed, stepping on my mom and dad to wake them up. Sometimes I step on my brother Rocky and he growls real loud, which causes my parents to yell. As soon as I get off the bed, I go pee on my potty pads then start stomping and prancing up and down the hall to wake mommy up to feed us.

Stella: I am a sweet girl so I sit quietly in a dog bed in the living room after I wake up, patiently waiting for my mommy to feed us.

Rocky: I’m a tired dude so I sleep in until my daddy’s alarm goes off at 5:45 or if it’s a weekend, I just sleep in with him. I can eat later, of course!

6:00 AM

All dogs are awake… They have eaten, pooped, and take their places on the couches or in their various dog beds for the day.

7:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Whether mom’s home or not, they sleep on and off all day, waking up every time they hear a sound outside or see a person walking by. When the mailman comes, it’s on!!

3:00 PM

Pixie: If it’s a Monday, Mommy comes home by 3:15 and grabs me and takes me to the old people home near by. They are sick and sad and when they see me they get so happy and cheer up. I get tons of love and attention and petting from all the people. My mom says I’m a hard worker, but it’s easy since she just carries me in her arms the whole time. When she puts me on people’s beds I spin in circles to make them laugh.

4:00 PM

Dinner time!! Everyone scrambles and spins in circles and whines until food is in their bowls.

Then it’s time to poop and pee and play.

4:30 PM – 6:00 PM

Everyone chases each other in circles, wrestles, plays fetch, and chews on toys to get their energy out. If it’s a sunny warm day, to the porch they go to lay in the sun! If it’s also nice weather, Grace goes for an evening walk.

6:00 PM

Stella: If it’s a Thursday once a month, Mommy takes me to the local library to volunteer. Kids that are nervous reading in front of others read me stories and give me tons of life. I have so much fun and mommy says I’m such a good girl!

6:00-10:00 PM

Now the pups are tired and sleep in their beds. They get up and rotate, and if we are eating food on the couch they try to beg and get some from us. At 10:00 PM sharp everyone is carried to our bedroom where we all settle in for the night on the comfy bed and under the warm covers.

See? Wouldn’t you want to live a day in the life of my dogs?


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