What’s the Hype with Crystals?

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

If you have 2 eyes and are on social media at all these days, you’ve likely seen stuff about crystals and people charging them in the full moon light, carrying them in their bra, or holding one closely and setting an intention with it. So, what’s the deal? Is it legit and what kind of stuff can crystals really “do”?

What are crystals?

It’s believed that crystals, pieces of the literal Earth) have energetic properties that can work with the ones we have in our bodies and working with a specific crystal can do things like improve mood, give you clarity, or make you feel better physically. Is it real? That’s not for ANYONE to say. Some people swear by it, others haven’t had any luck.

Since crystals are mined from the Earth, it’s believed they hold the energy and healing properties of the Earth, sort of like different plants and herbs can help heal different things. Some crystals are harder to find, and some are just so gorgeous you want them ALL over your home.

I’ve read numerous articles were even doctors acknowledged it could be a placebo effect and even if that’s the case, that’s awesome! The power of the placebo effect is fascinating and pretty legit. If you believe something enough, it can actually work for you. Obviously, you should always seek professional help for a mental or physical issue but in addition to that, it can’t hurt to embrace the crystal addiction many of us already have.

How do you work with crystals?

You can honestly do whatever you wish but many people will choose a crystal based on it’s healing properties (we’ll get to that in a bit) or maybe because they just feel drawn to it or love its color. Many people cleanse and charge their crystals before working with them. If your crystal can go in water, you can literally cleanse it that way. You can also run it through sage smoke. To charge it you can leave it under the full moon light to get the energy of the moon. Do you have to do all this stuff? Not necessarily. Whatever you feel you should or want to do, just go with that. You can use them on an altar or make a crystal grid with them.

Hold your crystal and think of your intent and what you want to manifest. Do you want more energy, more motivation to finish that book you start writing years ago, or something to calm your nerves for the speech you must give at work next week? Meditate on it while holding your crystal. You can then carry it with you however you wish so you can have that energy with you.

Remember, it’s all about your intent and the belief you have that it will work. That’s the real magic.

What else can you do with crystals?

Well, they’re gorgeous so they look awesome on your work desk, your nightstand, and all throughout your home. I’ve seen people display crystals in a bowl, wear them on their necklace, or hang them in a dreamcatcher. You can do whatever you wish and again, that’s the real magic of it.

Crystal Correspondences

A simple Google search can quickly tell you what ANY crystal or stone can do, but I’ll list some of the most popular ones below.

Amethyst: healing, psychic awareness, peace, love, courage, joy, protection

Aventurine: money, peace, luck, mental clarity

Carnelian: protection, peace, healing, courage

Citrine: protection, abundance, good dreams, psychic awareness

Fluorite: magnifies the powers of other stones, mental abilities, controlling emotions

Lapis Lazuli: protection, love, joy, psychic abilities, courage, healing

Moonstone: love, divination, psychic awareness, sleep, protection, help with dieting

Obsidian: protection, grounding, peace, divination

Quartz: protection, healing, psychic awareness, adds strength and intention to other crystals

Rose Quarts: love, peace, happiness

Tiger’s Eye: money, protection, courage, luck

Turquoise: protection, courage, money, love, friendship, healing, luck

Where can you get crystals?

If you have any spiritual or metaphysical shops in your area, start there. You can obviously order them online too. Etsy is full of crystal sellers and so is Instagram. Make sure you buy crystals that are sustainably sourced. In most areas, there are gemstone conventions that come to town so do a little research to see if anything like that exists in your area.

Some people even go to various places to mine their own. There are actual guided mining experiences you can do in the United States but I even know some people that just went to random rocky places in their hometown and ended up finding some pretty cool and colorful stones.

So if you like how all of this sounds, find some crystals, and grab a book that explains each one. If anything, it’s a fun hobby and it’s always cool to just sit and stare at each crystal, noticing all the beautiful details of it that nature created.

Do you have crystals or believe in using them? Share below!



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