From The Top Down: The Best Home Renovations For Big Resale Value

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

One of the most profitable investments is, hands down, real estate. If you are looking to renovate your home and sell it on, you can almost guarantee a profit. But this isn't always the case. Not every home renovation can guarantee a decent return on the investment. So many houses need upgrading that they can be too much of an investment. And if you've bought a property for the sole purpose of selling it on you need to know the most profitable parts of the home that needs replacing. What are these?
A Replacement Roof

Let's face it, nobody wants to pay for a replacement roof. We'd rather that it was already fixed. And while it's not particularly glamorous, if we hire a roofer to fix those little problems it can be one of the major selling points. If you state on your listings that the roof has "recently been replaced" this could cause quite a few people to jump forward.

Garage Door

Another unglamorous aspect of the home but a replacement garage door has one of the highest return on investments. As the garage door forms a crucial component of curb appeal you need to think about adding a new garage door, especially if your old one has been hanging off its hinges!

The Front Door

Going back to that idea of curb appeal it's all about those first impressions. Investing in a solid front door is worth it, yet most people opt for the repainting option. This can work if the door has been replaced in the last few years. You can very easily add a lick of paint or even hire a pressure washer to clean it up but a front door that looks expensive and secure isn't that costly!

Minimal Garden Renovations

One of the biggest selling points of your home would be your outdoor space. Fixing up the garden doesn't have to be expensive. If the grass could do with reseeding or there's overgrown plants, a simple trim could make all the difference. If you've got a lawn at the front of the property trimming those hedges and communicating perfect angles can be a simple way to implement style without excessive costs.

The Kitchen

You could completely start from scratch or you could make very small changes. You can do minimal kitchen remodel by installing a new floor and refurbishing the cabinets. If there are things poking out that you don't particularly like you can very easily get rid of these. It's also important to note that right now breakfast bars and kitchen islands are very popular. But you've got to remember that while you might be trying to be on trend, you've still got to look at the timeless components.

Fixing The Bathroom

In conjunction with the kitchen the bathroom will be the biggest draw. The big problem with any bathroom is that it isn't fixable overnight. But if you upgrade fixtures and add neutral colors, the bathroom can be one of the biggest selling points. You should also think about accessibility by installing support bars or walk-in showers.

Resale value is all we can think about when purchasing a new property but we've got to make sure we don't spend too much. It's a very fine balance, but follow these approaches and you should see a substantial profit.

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