I Now Do Custom Paintings!!!!

Friday, February 21, 2020

I have such exciting news but you may already know about it if you follow me on any of my social media channels.  I now do custom paintings of...well...anything really, although pets seem to be the most popular!!

Check out my work!

If you are interested in a custom painting of a pet, person, or anything else in between, please email me at EllenR886@gmail.com.  Custom pet paintings seem to be so popular but I'm not limited to just that.  I have different sizes available and yes, I do ship!

Speaking of creating things, I just want to give a shout out to Slice! When it comes to tools that make crafting, shipping, packaging, and everything else simpler, Slice is my go to!

The Safety Cutter is super small and finger friendly which is great for me since I'm notorious for injuring myself in the kitchen and when crafting. The Manual Mini Cutter is great for my small crafts as well and I actually used it to cut some canvas.  It works so good!

My absolute favorite is their Manual Box Cutter which is perfect for all the packages I get.  I feel so safe using it because it's easy to hold as you use it to open boxes.  The EDC Folding Knife is great in the garage for things my husband works on. It takes up very little space too and gets the job done.

Their Precision Knife is so easy to hold and with all the other movement with my hands, it's nice to have something for around the house that can quickly cut with super precision.   And their Precision Cutter gives me the most accurate slice especially when I'm working with crafting on paper.

Thank you for supporting me and all my endeavors! 

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