How To Combat Anxiety And Those Overwhelming Feeling

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Anxiety is an incredibly common problem that affects millions of people worldwide. It is often tied into depression and together they can cause a multitude of problems that are both worrying and scary. Anxiety can manifest in different ways, some may display symptoms physically such as an attack or panic, others may suffer with migraines, digestive issues or lack of concentration. The symptoms are endless and it is vital that you can learn to help yourself on a long term basis to ensure that anxiety doesn’t start ruling your life. Your health comes first and it’s important to start learning how to assist these feelings.
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How Can I Help Myself?

Helping yourself begins with finding some kind of peace with yourself. Appreciating and understanding that anxiety is a condition that we have the power to control and the first thing to do is to work out the source of the feelings and what may possibly be causing us to feel this way. Is it something in our lives or a relationship that is stressing us out. There is usually a source and if we can get to the source of it then it will be beneficial to us.

Think about journaling and writing feelings down as well as tracking your mood day to day. You may find that you get more anxiety at certain times of the month and you can tally it up and see what is working for you and what maybe isn’t. Share these with those close to you and see if they have noticed any patterns in your mood and anxiety. It is possible that certain things trigger episodes. There are a lot of common relapse triggers and it’s important that if you have struggled with drug or alcohol use that you understand your triggers.

Communicate and get outdoors! This is something that can really be beneficial. Joining classes can allow us to be independent, get outdoors, fresh air can be important and also talking to new people and learning other people’s stories. Exercise releases endorphins which is good for combating depression and anxiety so it could be good to look into certain things you have an interest in. Do you enjoy sport or perhaps you like something a little more hands on such as a pottery or art class. Distracting yourself from issues can stop the overwhelming feelings of anxiety creeping up on you. Distraction is not necessarily a cure but it is a technique to help you feel bad less.

Be sure to sleep well. A lot of sleep related conditions can cause anxiety and stress. Sleep heals and restores the body and not getting enough sleep can affect every single aspect of your body, including the mind. Things may feel magnified or worse with lack of sleep; that is because we are losing the ability to deal with things in a rational way and everything becomes heightened, including our emotions. Sleep well, eat well and communicate. Things take time but they are certainly achievable.

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