The Affair | Season 2, Episode 7 [RECAP]

Monday, November 16, 2015

Just when I thought last week's episode was a bit dull, episode 7 blew everything completely out of the water when it comes to surprises. 

Part One: Alison
The episode starts with Alison looking uncomfortable at a party with Noah.  A woman approaches her and casually brings up that the book jacket says Noah lives with his wife in New York. Alison explains that it's a mistake and was taken from his first book so the next printing it will be corrected.  Alison, looking annoyed and bored, gets pulled aside by Eden, Noah's publicist where she scolds her for talking to the woman, who turns out to be a major gossip columnist.  

Like I said, Alison is annoyed and wants to go home. She looks tired, which is understandable because she's pregnant. Noah doesn't want to leave with her right away even when she reminds him that it's Thanksgiving Eve. He promises he will be home shortly.  

We cut to Alison at the house she shares with Noah. Her mom Athena has arrived.  She begins giving Athena a tour where Athena seems very skeptical because Noah is still using the nursery as his office.  We also learn that Whitney hasn't been to Noah's new house yet. 
Athena seems upset when she learns that Alison is paying to live there by selling her house. This was the house that she inherited from her grandmother, which we also learn happened because Athena asked her mother to skip her in the will so it went straight to Alison.  Athena asks Alison to promise her she'll read Noah's book before she sells the house, to which Alison replies that she already has the house in escrow.  Alison's friend that she worked with at The Lobster Roll arrives and ends up making out with their other guest, Max.  Noah still isn't there and he is to come home with the turkey.  While waiting, the ladies listen to the baby's heart with Athena's stethoscope. 

Noah finally arrives but has forgotten the turkey AND he has Eden in tow.  He said she had nowhere else to go.  They almost seem to be flirting. Alison is highly annoyed. Noah gets a call from Helen saying they can't find Whitney so she must be out somewhere.  Eden won't get off her phone at the table. 
I get the sense that Alison is very suspicious of Noah lately.  After he gets off the phone finally, Max is in the middle of giving a nice toast and Eden interrupts to tell Noah something.  Apparently, the New York Post website published something about Noah is still married, all thanks to the conversation with Alison.  Surprisingly, Eden says this is good because he needs to align himself with the story of Descent and go with it. Alison is livid and they begin arguing in front of everyone over how the book isn't really how things went.  Now I'm getting why there are two sides to the earlier episodes in Season 1.  Alison storms off and Noah comes in to calm her down. Alison also seems upset because apparently Noah kills her at the end of the book.  Harry apparently asked him to write that ending.  He reassures Alison that the book is fiction and Eden was just trying to help sell more books.  Alison asks him if he even wants their baby and he says he of course does. Then the doorbell rings.  WHO IS IT!??!? The scene cuts over to Alison at the Attorney's office talking about when she last saw Scotty and that they were on good terms.  He wasn't happy about the deal with the Lobster Roll but that was between him and Cole.

Part 2: Cole

This part starts withCole making love to Louisa. He seems to be struggling in bed after she says she loves him.  Later, she asks him his Thanksgiving day plans and he lies and says he will see his mom.  She calls him out but saying she didn't know he was back in touch with her (he's not) and that she's going to her mom's if he wants to join her.  

Cole then heads to the market and we see his phone ringing and that it's Scotty. Cole ignores the call and Scotty is right behind him saying "Dude, I'm right behind you, come on!" He says he heard that Cole sold the house and asks if he's coming to Thanksgiving.  He reminds us that Cole hasn't spoken to his mother in months.   And who pops in then,  none other than Oscar Hodges.  Oscar makes a comment about Noah's book saying how it basically has the Lockhart family in it.  Scotty seems very angry about this news.

When Cole arrives home we see him annoyed with Louisa and he argues that he can't find his money clip and that she may have stolen it. She is pissed so she storms off.

Cole ends up stopping out to buy Noah's book. He begins to read it at home and is marking up the pages.  He then heads to his mom's for Thanksgiving.
When he arrives we learn that his brother and sister-in-law lost their baby.  Then everyone takes a turn going around saying what they are grateful for.  Cole shockingly says Noah's name and then explains how he wrote about the family.   He also makes a rude comment about Scotty still dealing drugs.  Then he brings out the book and reads off the marked pages.   There's a lot of nasty stuff in there about Cole's grandfather.

His mother drops the bomb on him that all the bad things are actually true and that he was a bad person who beat his wife and kids.  Apparently, their grandmother had an affair with Thomas Hodges and when Silas found out he killed the baby that his wife was pregnant with that he thought was his.  Apparently he drowned the baby, which caused Thomas Hodges to torch Silas' land. 

Jerry says that there is an evil curse in the family because of the evil that their grandfather does. It haunts the kids and even the grandkids, using what happened to Gabriel, and to the miscarriage as proof.  Also she reveals that their Dad hung himself.

Cole storms out and Scotty follows him.  He begins to yell that Cole has money and the family needs it in order to invest in something good for the family. All of a sudden Whitney appears looking for Scotty. He drives away and Cole offers to drive her into the city.

In the car she asks if he remembers the time he pointed a gun at her. Then he tells her she needs to not come after Scotty. She insists she cares about him and thinks that he cares about her as well.  But Cole insists that he doesn't because just because you love somebody does not mean they love you back.  After Whitney explains that she feels like she doesn't matter to Noah, especially because she's not in his book, Cole  reveals that his dad hung himself on his tenth birthday and says how it makes him think his dad didn't care about him but he now thinks that maybe his dad was just drowning in life. 

When they arrive at Noah's Whitney kisses him on the cheek right in front of Noah.   Noah reluctantly asks Cole if he wants a drink to which he says no.   Cole heads to Louisa's mom's house in Queens and he apologizes for his actions in the morning.  


He promises he'll never hurt her again and that he's good for his word. He finally says I Love You back.

And suddenly....
We cut to the Attorney's office as the episode wraps up.  He's watching a surveillance video from the Lobster Roll of Alison and Scotty.  It shows Alison pulling away from Scotty as they argue.  The lawyer asks what they were saying.  Oscar tries to say it'll take more money to get the answer, to which the attorney tells him he'll just have him subpoenaed for withholding information.   So he gives the answer. He says he was right around the corner when they were talking about he heard it plain as day.

He has them rewind the footage so they can see the words come out of Scotty's mouth.

"That's our baby."
DAMN! Bombshell!!!
So now I think that the baby is Scotty's and Scotty must have slept with her to get back at Cole for sleeping with Louisa.   And perhaps Alison is the one who killed Scotty in an effort to prevent him from telling anyone the baby is his, and also figured she could put it all on Noah. This kind of makes me understand why Helen was so willing to dish out money to get the side of the story that would prove Noah's innocence. 


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