The 4 Ways That LunchSkins Save

Friday, May 4, 2018

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I am so stoked about a new product I learned about called LunchSkins.  They make reusable and recyclable sandwich and snack bags and they are beneficial to you and your life in so many ways.  

So without further ado, please meet LunchSkins! LunchSkins is a line of food storage bags that are eco-conscious in that some of them can be recycled after a single use, and some of them can be reused by being washed in your dishwasher! The recyclable bags are made from paper and are the only sealable paper bags in the market and the reusable bags come in either a zip or Velcro closure.   So today I wanted to list all the ways in which LunchSkins save whether it's the planet, your monthly budget, or your free time. 

Imagine all the money you spend on plastic baggies for your lunch, your children's lunch, leftovers, and whatever else you store in them.  It all adds up.  So if you really want to save money, you need to do what I did and embrace products like LunchSkins Reusable bags.   Since they are reusable and can be washed in the dishwasher when you turn them inside out, you can simply keep using them again and again. 

And as an added bonus, they are so much prettier than regular bags.  There are so many cute colors and patterns to choose from!!

Your Health and The Environment
Like I said earlier, LunchSkins Reusable bags are dishwasher-safe and comply with FDA standards for food safety.  They contain no BPA, Phthalates, and are lead free.  They dry quickly and are very durable.  You can use them for snacks, travel, home organization and more.  They come in a variety of colors shapes and sizes.  In it's lifetime, one of these bags can replace 500 plastic bags! That is so much better for the environment than simply using a bag one time and throwing it away!

The other thing I always tell people is that trash in general is just a mess.  Even when you think your trash bags are secure, things happen and they can tear even when they are going into the garbage truck.  That means that items from your bags can blow away in the wind only to add to the trash and pollution that this poor planet has to deal with.  The less you have to throw away the better and the less waste your produce in general the better. 

Your Time

If you think about it, you'll save time at the grocery store avoiding the plastic bag section and you'll never have to sit there and scrub and wash your reusable LunchSkins by hand because you can simply rinse in the sink and then turn it inside out before sitting it in the dishwasher.  And rather than grabbing your items in a rush in the morning as you head out the door, you can pack your lunch ahead of time in one of LunchSkins Reusable Tote Bags and have it all ready to go.

Your Energy
I have so many mom friends that complain about having to label their child's baggies in the morning so that the kids don't grab the wrong food items or that mommy doesn't give the wrong bag to the wrong kid.  With LunchSkins you can identify whose item it is by the design on the bag.  It's also a great system for teaching kids responsibility if you have them take their specific bags and pack them in a lunch tote every morning. 

There are so many ways that LunchSkins can benefit your life everyday so check them out! Kids love them and adults love the benefits!


  1. These are awesome. I would love them for my girls snacks!

    1. They are so fun!! And it feels so much better not producing so much trash from the plastic baggies! Plus there's no worrying about ripping and tearing.


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