10 FREE Things You Can Do Outside

Friday, September 11, 2020

Fall is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy the warm sun without all the humidity.  To keep it budget friendly, I put together a list of some things you can do outside for free.  There may be a little up front supplies cost but after that it's free! 

Take a Hike or Nature Walk

There are plenty of trails in your neighborhood, state parks, state forests, and other spots.  Get out there and explore. 

Visit an Orchard
It's free to walk around an orchard, and you aren't obligated to buy anything.  Enjoy the scenery and the smells and check out any free petting zoos there to visit with the farm animals. 

Sidewalk Chalk
Everyone's out walking so impress them with some fancy artwork on your sidewalk.  

Collect Leaves
You can find these in your own yard.  Press them in a book to use in art work later or make a pretty nature mandala with pine cones, acorns, and twigs.

Outdoor Movie Night
Get your smart phone, tablet, or laptop and a cozy blanket and some popcorn and enjoy movies in your yard or on your porch or patio. 

Pick a Fall Bouquet from your Yard
This is my favorite past time! 

Make a Scarecrow
You can use leaves in your own yard and your old clothing to put one together. 

Clean a nature area
Go to your local park or even just the streets in your own neighborhood and pick up trash. You'll feel great giving back to the planet and it will make the area look much nicer. 

Prune your Trees
Now is a good time to prune any shrubs or trees you have so they come back nicely in the Spring. 

Have a Picnic
You can do this in your own backyard. Pack up a meal and enjoy the view!

What are you going to do for free this fall? 

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