Have You Thought About Accessibility In Your Home?

Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Over our lifetimes, we can make all sorts of changes to our home. But if you’re thinking of making a few more in the near future, be sure to think about the potential lack of accessibility your home may be suffering from.

For example, if you’re planning on renting out a space, having accessible features to boast will increase your tenant pool by tenfold. Plus, you never know when a loved one may need to use a walking aid/wheelchair in the near future, so it’s beneficial to think about making your home a little more accessible!

So, without further ado, here are just a few amazing changes to make to your property to cater to the disabled people in your life.

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Think About Your Doors

First thing’s first, think about the doors in your home. On average, how wide is the frame? Because if only you, standing tall and slim, could fit through that gap, it means your home could do with some small accessibility tweaks. Namely, making your door frames a little bit wider, just enough for a wheelchair user to push their doors through.

So, if you’ve always wanted a set of french doors leading out to your patio, or you’ve always fancied a curved archway leading from the living room to the kitchen, now’s your chance to finally convince your partner to help fork out for them! It’s accessible, and it’s very aesthetically pleasing, and would be a wonderful addition to your home.

Think About Your Stairs

The modern home is most likely to have more than one storey to it, and that means you’ve got to make use of stairs both inside and outside of the home. Of course, this is of no trouble to you right now, you can use them just fine. But think about your elderly grandmother who struggles to go upstairs, or your friend who is a regular wheelchair user; how are they going to fare?

It’s one of the reasons why wheelchair ramps are becoming more and more popular amongst the domestic community, specifically concerning the outside areas of their home. When you’ve got a wheelchair ramp for a person to use, they can easily get in and out of the house, which helps to promote a much more healthy lifestyle. Who wouldn’t want that for their property?!

Think About Your Lighting Options

And finally, you’re going to need to think about the lighting in your home too. If you ever decide to rent out your rooms, and a blind or partially sighted tenant comes to ask about the brightness levels in your property, what are you going to say?

You may need to just replace the bulbs for a higher wattage, but most of all, you’re going to want to fit more and more lamps around the place, to really light up your rooms. It’ll only serve you well in the long run!

Your home could be very accessible with just a few small changes.

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