Confessions of a Neat Freak

Monday, September 21, 2020

By now, anyone who has been a regular blog reader knows that I love a clean and tidy home with minimal "things" in it aside from decor.  But the thing is, I'm a serious neat freak but only in the best of ways. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one to chase everyone around at a party I'm hosting picking up their trash as they go, but I do like my own home to be neat and tidy on a regular basis.

For instance, on an everyday basis my home is ready to show if I were to sell it.  There is no clutter that needs to be put away, no piles of dirty laundry outside the hamper and no stacks of mail to go through and address.   When the mail comes, I go through it, put everything where it needs to go. Magazines go on my coffee table so I can read them right away before passing them on to others.  Bills are paid online so I don't get paper bills except for my sewer bill which gets pinned to the fridge to be paid within two weeks and the pay stub is filed away immediately.  I don't save random things.  If I need them I snap a quick photo that gets uploaded to my cloud and I can delete it from my phone. 

When I'm in the kitchen I clean as I go.  When I make dinner, as soon as I'm done using something it gets washed and put away.  Recycling gets put in the bin right outside the kitchen door immediately.  If something comes in a package from the delivery people, it gets opened and put in it's place. 

Most of our kitchen appliances that are not used daily or weekly are stored away in the cupboards so we only have a toaster oven and coffeemaker on the counter.  The fridge is to display reference items or a few photos, not to post things as a reminder.

When I do arts and crafts, I get out what I need and then put it away as soon as I'm done.  All of my items are organized and I have portable caddies as well.

My purse is organized with any loose items in a little zipper pouch so it's easy to find what I need.  My phone gets cleaned out regularly.  I back up my photos then delete them after posting any on social media that need to go there and my texts and Facebook messages get deleted so I don't have a huge build up. 

My closet is always tidy and organized.  Outfits are put together and arranged in my "weekly outfits" section of the closet and when I undress, they go in the hamper or back in the closet.  When laundry is done it's put away immediately.  It only takes me 10 minutes because I don't wear a ton of different things or wash everything once I wear it unless it really needs it.  Makeup is organized and I only have what I actually wear.  The same goes for jewelry and other accessories.  

This is how I've always been.  My bed is made upon waking up and my lunch is already prepared the night before so I'm not rushing in the morning.  This whole way of life for me allows me to not feel anxious and to always have time to relax and ease into my daily routine.  

Are any of you like this or am I complete and total weirdo?

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