Revamping Your Home's Heating

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Boiler replacement is something that a lot of people seek. But why can you only find combi boilers these days? What are they and why are they better than traditional gas or oil boilers?

Well, a combi boiler – short for combination boiler – combines both your hot water and central heating in the one unit. Traditional boilers generally come with a massive cylinder that stores the hot water and this requires the boiler to be placed in a large space such as a loft, in a walk-in cupboard, or in an adjoining garage. When it comes to combi gas boiler installation, these types of boilers are generally quite small. Their size means that they are ideal for those with little space and can be placed in an empty, sizeable kitchen cupboard.

Despite this, these gas combi boiler parts have the power to generate instant hot water without the need for storage in a large tank. Due to the uniformity of such units and, because they are modern, it's much easier to get furnace replacement parts than those of older gas or oil boiler models.

Combi gas boilers are particularly popular in Europe where the market share in some countries, such as the UK, is thought to be as high as 70%. When it comes to getting the installation of a new boiler performed, it should be noted that combi gas boilers are cheap to install.

What About New Radiators?

Installation services can also provide you with brand new radiators. However, you may be questioning the benefit of getting new radiators along with your new gas boiler. Well, today's energy-efficient radiators can be crafted to suit the interior design and style of your home.

The radiator has hardly been regarded as fashionable over the years due to its rather 'samey' look. In recent years, underfloor heating has been seen as a way to remove these bulky fixtures from homes. Underfloor heating is indeed a great option, but it may still be a bit too pricey for most. A great solution is to get new, modern radiators installed alongside gas boiler installation.

This is because modern radiators can come in all sorts of shapes and styles. One such popular option is the vertical radiator. These types of radiators have been designed with space and style and mind. Instead of running horizontally along the ground, your radiator runs up the wall in a sleek, stylish manner. This also has the added bonus of offering a large heating surface and, therefore, warmer rooms. They are both practical and pleasing to the eye.

Along with the many modern gas boiler options, you will notice when it comes to getting combi boiler installation work done, these new radiators have also been built with efficiency in mind. This makes them more cost-effective than your old radiators by reducing your central heating bill. This, along with getting a new gas boiler installed, makes new radiators a safe investment.

So there you have it: all you need to know about revamping your home’s heating.

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