What Essential Oils Are Safe For Dogs?

Saturday, September 26, 2020

As a society, more and more people are turning away from drugs and instead exploring holistic healing options. If you’re interested in holistic health care, you might be wondering if you extend the benefits to your dog too. Before doing this, it’s important for the welfare of your dog that you make sure that essential oils are safe for dogs. A dog’s sense of smell is much stronger than ours, so even natural scents could have a negative effect on them.

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The essential oils listed here are the ones that are most consistently found to be safe to give to dogs. You can use essential oils alone, or combine them with other holistic treatments, like CBD oils from 805Beachbreaks.com.

Essential oils can be used as a health aid to boost immunity and soothe aches and pains in a natural way. Here are some of the oils you can use for common ailments for your canine companion.

For humans, there are fewer things more relaxing than a cup of chamomile tea of the sofa. Your dog can also benefit from the calming effects of chamomile too.

Whether your dog is up-tight, or experiencing stress from a house move, staying in kennels, or fireworks in the neighbourhood, you could consider offering them a little bit of chamomile oil. This can be used to ease stress or to settle an upset stomach.

If you’ve taken in a shy or fearful dog, chamomile oil can also help them to calm down enough to learn to socialize.


Frankincense and myrrh have been around for centuries, so it’s not a surprise that they can be used on animals. Frankincense oil works on the health and immunity of your dog’s cells.

If your dog is behaving in an out of character way, for example during doggie daycare, you could consider boosting their immunity with some frankincense. This oil can also be used to support their digestive tract if stress is upsetting their stomach.


There are many similarities between the benefits that both humans and pets can get from essential oils. Hot ginger tea can be used to soothe your stomach and clear out respiratory tracts, the same benefits can be used for dogs.

Ginger can also help if your dog is experiencing some digestive problems, to help them to breathe easier. Ginger can also help with joint pain.


Lavender is a great option for a dog who is stressed and needs to relax. You could try lavender to ease anxiety and car sickness.

The nicest way to make use of lavender oil for dogs is to apply to the fur on your dog’s ear. Massage them during application to kick start the relaxation.


Myrrh is known to help dogs that are dealing with skin irritations. Myrrh has an antiseptic quality, as well as astringent properties. This makes it a great cleanser. These properties mean that, when applied regularly, it can clear patches of irritated skin on your dog.

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