How To Do A Budget Check In

Monday, September 14, 2020

It's always good to check in on your monthly budget, especially before the chaos of the holidays hits.  Here is the method I use to check in with my own budget.

Ensure your income is up to date. 

Make sure if you have any raises you've received this year, that your income number is updated in your budget.  This is super important so you know what you're working with each month. 

Review any unnecessary expenses. 
Maybe you recently gave up a streaming service or you no longer get your nails done or your hair done as often.  Check the amounts you budget for these expenses and reduce or eliminate them so you have more money to work with each month on other things. 

See how much you have left over each month
This can be in specific categories you organize as mini savings funds, or just in general.  Reduce what you can, and make sure to think of the best way to use your money.  If you have $50 leftover each month from groceries for the last 6 months, it may be a safe bet that you can change what you budget for groceries and put that $50 towards debt or a 3-6 month savings fund. 

Check on your cash spending system. 
If you don't have an envelope system, make one! If you have one, see if there are more envelopes needed or if you can get rid of some.  Again, check what's left over in each envelope and if you don't need to save it towards the next month, move it elsewhere. 

Check in on your savings.
How much do you have in savings? What is your ultimate goal? Where can you cut more money out in your budget to reach your savings goal faster?   Is your savings goal realistic or does it need increased? 

Check on your debt. 
Make sure you're paying off your debt as fast as you can.  Any extra money in your budget should go towards your debt. Make sure you're tracking your debt and that all your current balances are up to date in your tracker. 

With an hour or so a month, you can do this simple budget check in to make sure you're staying on track financially! 

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