You Need to Purge These from Your Summer Wardrobe

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

As summer comes to a close and it's time to shift our mindset AND our wardrobe, it's always a good idea to purge your wardrobe, especially with summer clothes that you don't want to carry over to next year.  When you don't do this, you end up with extra clothes taking up space in your closet or drawers that you won't wear again but you also won't take the mental time to deal with and determine you don't need it.  So I'm making that a little easier for you by reminding you about some things you should consider purging from your summer wardrobe.

Bathing Suits

If they are stretched out, torn, or unflattering and you didn't bother wearing them at all this year, instead opting for a different suit, then why hold on to it? I only ever have 2 bathing suits at a time.  

If they don't fit or are way too short and you didn't wear them more than once, you may need to say goodbye to them. 

Sandals that are damaged or worn thing on the bottom need to go.  You run the risk of slipping if you don't have good tread anymore.  

Workout Gear
If you destroyed your workout gear from exercising or yard work, consider discarding it to make room for any new pieces you need. 

Old Sneakers
We keep them for yard work but even old sneakers need replaced with "less" old ones.  Now is the time to do that.  

Tanks and Layering Pieces
If you have stretched out older camis and tanks, don't carry them over to the next season.  Replace them and discard the old. 

Skirts and Dresses
If these don't fit you anymore, consider donating them.  If they have rips or tears, consider getting them repaired before next year.  And if they are stained and destroyed, pitch em!

Hats and Sunglasses
Keep only your favorites and any that are cracked or broken and can't be repaired need discarded when it comes to sunnies.  Hats are great but they can get really worn out overtime so try each one on and remember the ones you enjoyed the most this summer. 

What have you purged from your summer wardrobe?

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