How To Maintain Good Health

Friday, September 4, 2020


There is a lot going on in the world these days and when you're dealing with everyday tasks, a pandemic, and tough topics in the news, it's important to still take care of yourself and your health.  Here are some ways to make sure you maintain good health.  In the end, your health is all you have, so make sure you stay on top of it. After all, caring for your health is a form of self-care.

Eat Nutritious Meals
Make sure you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Eat whole healthy foods including fruit and vegetables.  Avoid sugars and carbs in large amounts and anything that makes you feel sluggish.  Eating is what you do to nourish your body so you can go about your daily activities. 
Get Decent Sleep
How do you know how much sleep to get? Well, keep track of the days you have the most energy and wake up feeling well rested.  Then see how many hours you slept.  That should be your target goal.  Try to maintain a routine of the same bedtime and same waking time, even on weekends or days you don't need to work or perform your daily tasks. 
Take Care of Your Oral Health
It's always important to prioritize dental care so find a good dentist like Frank Roach Dentist and schedule regular exams and make sure you get issues like cavities tended to in a timely manner. Your oral health is super important and it can haunt you as you get older if you don't take care of it each year. 
Schedule Doctor Appointments
Just like with your oral health, the rest of your body needs care too.  Make sure you keep your doctor informed of anything you feel or any changes in your life.  Even if you think you're healthy, it's important to see a professional and have it documented. 
 You don't have to actually do a full workout if you really can't fit it in, but taking daily walks, and getting your heart pumping is what's important.  Exercise can help maintain a healthy weight and it can also help keep stress levels down.  Your body and mind need a way to let out frustration and stress so get moving. 

Everyone needs time to themselves and it's important to not feel guilty about that.  Take a day each week to just relax.  Take breaks throughout the work day to take your mind off of whatever it is you're doing and just enjoy sitting outside for a few minutes, or call a friend to chat.  

Organize Your Home and Life
To be on top of things and manage stress levels, you should come up with a routine for tasks like ones that help you keep your home clean, paying bills and managing finances, and even your own daily schedule.  If you're always losing things because your home is cluttered or you don't have somewhat of a schedule in the morning and you're always running late to work, these things can add stress to your life which can affect your health.  Make sure you try to keep things managed so you feel more in control of them. 

Hopefully you can keep on top of your health with these pointers.  What else do you do to maintain good health?

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