How To Do A Technology Detox

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

So obviously with the coronavirus chaos some of us needed a break from technology.  I ended up doing a detox when I realized I wanted to simplify my life more.  Even though I was working from home I still found myself trying to update all my apps, spending time in my game apps, and wasting time on social media.  So I did a little detox and it's a permanent detox now because I no longer feel overwhelmed by technology. Here's how I did it.

I deleted my apps. 

I deleted game apps that I used simply because I'm OCD and need to keep my notifications off.  Why feel tied down by these? I kept one that I enjoy and that's it.  Now I don't lose time in the morning trying to catch up with my daily challenges in these apps.  I also deleted any apps that I don't use weekly or monthly and those that I can just access through a webpage.  I actually did a really good job.

Turn off notifications. 
 By default every app always has notifications. I turned them off of almost everything.  If I want to see if I have notifications I just open the app when I have time.  And surprisingly, I rarely do that for the ones I turned them off in. 

I purged my DVR. 
I was recording so many shows that I felt obligated to watch. So I went through and kept only what I really wanted to watch or keep up with.  It felt so good!

I stopped online shopping. 
Only the necessities.  I no longer get on and browse. I deleted my shopping apps (except Amazon and I am good with self control on there).  Even my apps I kept just for coupons in the store I deleted and I don't miss them one bit. If I need them, I'll re-download them at the time I need to.  

I unsubscribed from so many emails. I got tired of my phone buzzing just to be a lame newsletter from a site I never even signed up for.  So now the only ones I get are the ones I actually read.  It's so much more enjoyable checking my emails now!

Do you need a technology detox?

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