Making More Of Your Living Room With These Top Tips

Thursday, September 10, 2020


Your living room happens to be one of the most used rooms in your home. You will probably relax in there, especially on autumn and winter evenings, you will possibly entertain in there, and let the kids play and relax as a family. It is a multifunctional space, but being house proud means that you will still want it to look it’s best.

However, it can often be a difficult room to style and renovate. With so many different uses or things that you want to do within the space, you may find it hard to come up with ideas that will make this room stand out, look stylish but above all else, be a functional space that you feel comfortable in. With that in mind, here are some of the ways that you decorate your living room and really make more use of the space.


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Invest in key pieces of furniture

One of the most important aspects of your living room is the furniture, and probably more specifically the seating. This can be an expensive thing to replace but it is worthwhile of the investment. A good sofa or seat needs to be comfortable, durable and something you love the look of. Shop around for bargains. This is when looking online at websites like Discount Living Rooms can make a big difference to you. You may even find something that has hardly been used online on various different selling platforms. The furniture that you have in there isn’t just about the seating, you also need to think about the storage side of things and other key pieces of furniture. Take the time to really work out the space that you have and measure so that you don’t buy things that are too bulky for the space. The living room needs to be a multifunctional space, after all.

Focus on the flooring

The flooring is an important element for your home, and so you may want to really consider what you want. Wooden flooring can look clean and chic, but if you love to be barefoot it could feel a little cooler and less cozy and inviting, whereas carpet may feel comfortable on your feet and look like an inviting place to be it may not suit the hotter days of summer. There are so many great options for flooring, and a focus on a lighter colour could help to give the impression of more space. Equally, if you have a large room your flooring can really become a feature that will enable you to make more of the space that you have.

Create a feature wall

If you want to create a feature in your living room then a feature wall could be the answer. Painting one wall a different colour, or using a wallpaper can catch the eye when you walk into the room and be a great addition to the decor. You could even use your favourite prints or pictures in frames and sporadically display them on the one wall. is full of ways you can create a feature wall in your home. A feature wall can be the only need for any specific interior design and style. Any room can make the most of a feature wall, and it can help to make other rooms appear larger than they are. One wall with some specific can help catch the eye of anyone coming into the room.

Have fun with the accessories and decoration

The accessories and the decoration side of things can be a lot of fun. This is when you may be sticking to some sort of theme or color scheme to bring everything together. Cushions and soft furnishings like blankets can help to create that cozy feeling, whereas candles and scents can really bring a room to life, especially in the evening. Small changes to your living room such as the soft furnishings can make a big difference, so you could focus on this area and forget any other big changes if you are just wanting to give the room a freshen up. Some even like styling the rooms with each season and using different colours to represent that.

Let the natural light in and fresh air

Finally, the natural light and the fresh air can really help to cleanse a room and help it to feel clean and tidy. A living room isn't just a place to sit and be sociable, it can be a place for you to just sit and feel calm and quiet. Collecting your thoughts for the day ahead. Fresh air can really help with this.

Let’s hope that these tips help you to make the most of your living spaces.

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