How To Build A Content Calendar for Your Blog, Brand, or Business

Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Whether you write a blog, have your own business, or are trying to promote your brand, it's important to plan your content out when it comes to blogging and social media.  This can be done for social media channels, blogs, and newsletters.  Having things planned out can help when you are lacking inspiration and motivation or when life just gets chaotic.  Today I'm sharing how you can build a content calendar that makes it much easier to keep chugging along when you lack motivation. 

Decide Your Topic Categories
This will vary depending on what you have whether it's a brand, blog, or whatever.  But it's important to make a list of categories.  Maybe you want to share something on social media every Wednesday asking your followers for input. Maybe you want to cover finance, fashion, and parenthood as categories on your blog.  Either way, making this list can help when you pop everything into place in your content calendar. 
Get a Calendar
You can make one on the computer or buy a simple planner for yourself.  Every year I buy myself a planner for the upcoming year so I can start to plan and schedule things.  I always order myself a nice pretty one because then it's more fun for me to use so I will always make sure to stick with it. 
Fill It In with Categories
The next thing you want to do is fill out your calendar for the next week, month, or even year if you can.  I do mine for 3-4 months out. For my blog,  I write down what days of the week I'm going to write about which topics.   I switch up the days sometimes and then I also do the same for my Facebook group calendars.
Fill in with Content
Now is the time you will go through and brainstorm topics.  You can put them on a list and then copy them over to the days you want.  For each content  item on mine I make check boxes under it for Content Created, Graphics Added, and Social Media Scheduled. I fill mine out for as far out as I can go. 

Get Writing
Now that you have your writing prompts you can actually write the posts out and get your thoughts out.  Do this at a time when you can sit down and get everything out of your head and onto the computer.  Take this time to create and add your graphics as well. 

Schedule Things
And now you can actually set the posts to go live at certain times and dates which means there is nothing left that you need to worry about.  I use Hootsuite for my twitter shares and I schedule my Facebook content on their own platform. It feels SO good to have it all done and over with.

Hopefully this helps you plan out the rest of this year's content for your brand or blog.  What else do you do to stay ahead of the game?

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