4 Ways To Stop Outside Noises From Entering Your Home

Thursday, February 11, 2021


There isn't much worse than a noisy home. It's so hard to feel at peace and relaxed when you have loads of noise disrupting the atmosphere. The worst thing is, the noise might not be coming from your house at all. You don't have noisy kids, everyone is nice and quiet, yet you still get disturbed by the sounds of traffic, construction, and who knows what else!

It's all coming from outside your home, and it's very frustrating. So, is there any way for you to block out the noises from outside your property? Thankfully, there are at least four different things you can do. Each one varies in price, effectiveness, and fiddliness! However, this means there should be an option for all of you to try, regardless of your budget. Let's check them out…

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Install new windows and doors

Generally, noise pollution stems from the windows and doors in your home. If your windows are old, they could be excessively thin, meaning sound passes through them with ease. Likewise, there could be gaps around the frames - and the same is true with your front and back doors. So, replacing these with newer versions can add more soundproofing to your home.

The key is buying windows that are proven to actually help block out sound. This usually means that they're nice and thick - like Renewal by Andersen windows. These ones tend to be some of the thickest around, offering great soundproofing and energy efficiency. You can find a Renewal by Andersen window dealer to learn more about the different options and prices. Of course, if that's out of your budget, you can try a more affordable brand - or opt for one of the other ideas on this list. Generally, if your window panes and frames are in good condition, you shouldn't need to replace them. But, if they’re old and battered, it’s a good idea to invest in some new ones because they can keep your home warmer and quieter!
Use soundproofing tape to cover gaps

If you have gaps around your windows or doors, you can solve this with some soundproofing tape. Essentially, this is thick black foam with a sticky side that can be placed on different surfaces. You can cut it to whatever length you like, then use it to go around the edges of windows and doors. It's super-effective when used to cover up the gaps under and above doors, especially if you live in an apartment building.

The benefit of this idea is that it works and it is very cheap. The downside is that you have tape around your windows and doors, which may disrupt your home decor. In which case, you may be inclined to try the next option instead.
Replace the sealant around your windows

The previous idea works well when the sealant around your windows begins to peel away and reveal some small gaps. While it might not warrant a complete window replacement, you should definitely do something to fill in these gaps. Using the soundproofing tape covers it up and basically replicates the sealant, but you can also replace it with some new stuff.

Applying new window sealant is a tricky job as you have to completely remove the old stuff. Also, you might not be able to do it on your own because it requires a decent amount of skill. So, it can be quite expensive as you'll have to call a window repair expert to deal with it for you. However, it does the trick and can seal up any gaps without ruining your home decor or requiring any fiddly bits of soundproofing tape.

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Hang acoustic curtains over windows

This last idea is possibly the easiest of them all - and also the most beneficial for your interior design! Curtains do a good job of soaking up sound and stopping it from entering your home. This is because they add another barrier between the outside world and the inside of your property. Now, you can take this one step further with some acoustic curtains!

Acoustic curtains - often called soundproof curtains - are made with special materials that help to muffle sounds. In essence, they absorb sounds from outside your room, making everything seem quieter. You can use them on their own, or combine them with some of the other tips for more effectiveness. They aren't overly expensive, though you should keep in mind that it's wise to pay for the best acoustic curtains you can find, as they tend to provide better soundproofing benefits.

Right, after reading this, you're in a position to make your home a quieter place. Look through these ideas and consider which ones suit you the best. Now, you can dampen the outside noise and make your home a much nicer place to relax in.

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