My New Teddy Blake Gig Palmelatto Bag

Friday, February 12, 2021

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A new year and a new bag and I'm really excited to show you this one.  I'm a long time fan of Teddy Blake handbags and I already own several that I've featured on the blog.  This one is stunning.
I'm one of those people that carries all of my things in my bag so I need it to be long-lasting and durable but still be stylish and luxurious and Teddy Blake bags always encapsulate that for me, no matter which bag it is. 

This is the Teddy Blake Gigi Palmelatto Bag in Light Beige. It has gold toned hardware accents and a sleek design and is a new bag.  This bag is made in Italy of course and has calf leather which is just so beautiful and soft to the touch without losing the nice structure it gives the bag.  I love bags with structure so they aren't slouching, collapsing, or falling over when I set them down.  I have struggled with that so much in the past and one of the things I love about this bag is that it's so sturdy and stands up even when I start overloading it with extra things, you know... like a water bottle and a book.
It comes with a detachable strap which I love because when I need to carry several things at once, I'll slide it on my shoulder so I can carry grocery bags on my wrist.   The best part is, if I want to use it without the strap I just simply unclip the strap and can tuck it inside or put it in my closet for safe keeping.

The 13" Gigi Palmelatto is a nice and roomy bag on the inside and has a real suede interior.  It's very soft inside to the touch.  The handle drop is about 3.4 inches so it's still pretty easy to hold the handle in my hand or slide it on my hand.  

And even the bottom of the bag is beautiful and well structured.  It reminds me of a sealed envelope for some reason.
Inside there is one interior zip pocket which is nice and roomy and gets the job done for the few things I keep in there. This bag carries my sunglasses, makeup bag of necessities, wallet/planner combo, and keys and still has room to breathe a bit inside. You can't just reach right in however, unless you keep the top flap unhooked so that's something to keep in mind with this bag.  And of course it comes with a nice sized dust bag like all their bags do so you can keep it safe when not in use.  

One of the things I love about every Teddy Blake handbag is the attention to detail and how every angle of their bags looks so luxurious and amazing, yet is so functional for both a special occasion or an everyday bag.   I also was nervous about the light beige still having a nice modern look.  I didn't want what I usually call "an old lady bag" that has a dull color but this certainly is stunning in the light beige and I absolutely love it!

 What do you think of this bag?

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