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Monday, February 22, 2021

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Winter is a time when I'm stuck inside so I enjoy reading whenever I have the extra time! Here's what I read this month.

Little Disasters  by Sarah Vaughan
 Wow what a great book with many twists that unfold as you read along.  A woman's baby daughter arrives at the hospital with an injury. The woman's friend works at the hospital and has to call it in and things get very messy but there's way more to the story.  Like more than I could have even imagined. A great read and hard to put down!
 The Circadian Code by Satchin Panda, PhD
This book was amazing and goes over how important it is to have a good circadian schedule in daily life with eating, fasting, exercise, and sleep/wake times.  This actually educated me so much on 12 hour fasting that I started doing it and have lost weight and seen so many health improvements for myself.  I eat breakfast around 5:15-6 like normal then lunch and dinner and dessert all by 5:15 or 6 in the evening which gives me 12 full hours from dinner to breakfast the next day.  Definitely check this book out! 
We had such a busy month with our kitchen makeover and some other things so it was a bit hard to find time to read this month but I am excited to start reading again now that I have more time to relax.  What good books have you read lately? 

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