Laundry Mistakes That Are Making Your Life A Misery

Friday, February 19, 2021


For those of us who love to clean, laundry day is always a pleasure. What could be more satisfying than the gentle whir of the machine alongside a backdrop of your favorite detergent scent? Finally, you get to remove all those gathering laundry piles, and guess what? You get clean clothes out of it!It’s any neat freak’s dream. Until, of course, laundry day goes wrong.

As well as being obviously unpleasant, laundry issues of any kind can set your cleaning schedule back no end. Even then, there’s no guarantee that the outcome will be any different, leaving you spinning as fast as your washer drum.

Lucky for you, laundry setbacks are often down to a few obvious mistakes. To help you avoid and overcome them, we’re going to consider exactly what those are.

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The color conundrum

We all know that we need to split laundry colors. You weren’t born yesterday, right? But, can you honestly say that your so-called ‘well-planned' color coding system always runs smoothly? One stray black sock can turn a whole load of whites grey, and that’s probably one of the better outcomes! Worse, still, light and dark colors should never mix. It’s a whole headache, and it’s one that you can easily rectify by investing in one of the fantastic multi-section laundry hampers on the market. These go a long way towards removing human error, guaranteeing you never see a dreaded black sock spinning in your whites. Color catchers are also a must for adding an extra layer of protection to keep your colors straight, no matter what.

Perhaps it’s a poorly performing machine?

It’s not unusual to notice little bits of fluff on our clothes after a wash load, especially if you’ve got a pet. But, you don’t need to suffer this fate. While you will want to brush your clothes on entry, your machine should ultimately be able to wash the worst of any remaining fluff away. The fact that isn’t happening suggests you need to invest in either washer or dryer vent cleaning that clears overloaded vents, and ensures that your clothes come out pristine once more.

It’s time to turn to your laundry room

If you’re still having issues, it might be time to turn to your laundry room itself. Too often, the space in which our washes and dryers live is poorly planned, cramped, and generally unwelcoming. This can make sorting difficult, opens the risk of using the wrong laundry powder at any given time, and a whole lot besides. The answer, of course, lies in getting organized. Certainly, making the most of this space frees you to create a folding station, organize all your detergents, and even incorporate one of those multi-section laundry hampers we spoke about earlier. As simple as that, you may just find that your laundry comes out sparkling again.

Laundry setbacks can be stressful, but really, there’s no need to panic. Simply ask yourself whether you’re making these mistakes, and take steps to get back to laundry days you can love.

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