What Is Entertainment Law?

Monday, February 1, 2021

Entertainment law is an incredibly diverse field. Unlike criminal or tax lawyers, entertainment law is not as specific and requires a broad variety of skills and experience. Laws are updated and new regulations are put in place constantly, so as an entertainment lawyer you must always be on your toes and routinely learn new information and keep up to date on laws as they are updated. Navigating entertainment law and breaking into the field can be incredibly difficult, but it’s definitely possible if you search for the right opportunities and learn the diverse set of skills necessary to be successful. Here are some tips on the steps you should take to grow your career in entertainment law.
Breaking Into The Industry

The most important step in becoming an entertainment attorney is to make sure that you have the necessary experience and knowledge to break into the industry. There is no real certain path for entertainment lawyers because it isn’t a traditionally defined category. Entertainment lawyers specialize in the legal process of the arts. To get more knowledge on the paths that other attorneys have taken, look into the history of famous entertainment lawyers available online. John Branca is an example of an incredibly experienced entertainment lawyer in Hollywood that has a diverse set of skills and experience that you may be able to replicate in order to establish yourself in the field.
Understanding Entertainment Law

Entertainment law is very different from other categories of practice. In fact, people in the industry will be the first to tell you that it doesn’t actually exist like other practices. Entertainment law covers many different aspects in the promulgation and curation of art. This means that entertainment law often covers contracts, litigation, intellectual property, and many more categories. Because of this large list of distinct skills needed to be an entertainment lawyer, many people within the field need to adapt their skills and continue their education.
Diverse Clientele

Entertainment law is an incredibly competitive field of work. Although your first inclination about entertainment lawyers is that they work closely with celebrities, they can actually work within many different sectors of the entertainment business. From media companies to football players, the clientele for an entertainment lawyer is unique and varies widely. In most cases, entertainment lawyers generally work within many different sectors and are used for various reasons.

If you’re interested in becoming an entertainment lawyer, it’s important that you work towards developing the necessary skills and adaptability needed to find placement within the field. You should focus on getting as much experience within entertainment law as possible and continuing your education and hone in your skills in adapting to the needs of your clients.

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