Weight Loss 101: 5 Reasons Why Skipping Breakfast to Lose Weight is a Bad Idea

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Everyone needs nutrients to survive, and without food, any living thing can starve and might even die. But when it comes to losing weight, there are many things that you can do to achieve that. Some people believe that skipping breakfast can help them in their weight loss journey; however, it is vital to note that having breakfast every morning is the thing that will make your weight loss successful. Skipping breakfast, on the other hand, can wreak havoc on your body.

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What Happens to Your Body when you Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast can have many adverse side effects on your body. It is a bad idea to skip breakfast, here is how skipping breakfast can harm your body.

You deprive yourself of the vital nutrients

Think twice before putting away that breakfast which you made using a tomato gravy recipe, or even a sweet breakfast recipe. Breakfast is the best time to give your body the essential nutrients like vitamins and fiber to get you through the day. You might skip breakfast thinking that you are helping your body, but the truth is that you are depriving it of the important nutrients it needs for the day. This will later result in long-term health effects.

You shatter your blood sugar levels

Skipping breakfast is not a good idea especially when it comes to your blood sugar levels. You can even become hypoglycemic. Hypoglycemia is a condition that occurs when the blood sugar levels in your body become very low. The symptoms of hypoglycemia include nausea, shaking, and sweating. Prevent this by eating your breakfast. Low blood sugar is equal to a lessened brain function.

You will eat too much for the rest of the day

Skipping breakfast means that your body won’t have the needed energy and your brain won’t have any nutrients since the last meal which was dinner. Unhealthy food cravings will kick in the moment you realize you are insatiable. You will then start overeating for the whole day. Having a healthy and well-balanced breakfast sets the pace for a good day and a successful weight loss journey.

You won’t be able to exercise

Skipping breakfast will make you tired and sluggish. You will then lack the motivation and energy to exercise. To lose weight you will also have to exercise more, and you will need energy for that. Breakfast offers you the energy that you will need to work out and lose weight.

You will be missing out on protein

A healthy breakfast must include proteins. Eating proteins like eggs and lean meat during breakfast helps you keep your energy up for the rest of the day. Consuming protein rich breakfast in the morning plays a significant role in weight loss. A high protein breakfast boosts your metabolism, reduces your appetite, and modifies various weight controlling hormones. For decades, protein has been used to prevent and treat obesity by improving your body weight control.
The Bottom Line

Skipping breakfast as well as any meal is never a good idea. You will have to make some dietary changes and exercise if you want to lose weight. If you were skipping breakfast with the hope of losing weight, stop now! You are doing more harm to your body than you may realize.

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  1. I alway eat something for breakfast.



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