How To Keep Your Floor Looking As Good As The Day It Was Laid

Friday, February 12, 2021

Day to day living means that, unfortunately, your brand spanking new flooring won't remain clean for long, especially if you live in a busy household, with kids or animals in and out all day long, walking in dirt and dust. As you will have no doubt spent a significant amount of your hard-earned cash on having new flooring put in, and making your house look as nice as you can, you will want to ensure it looks good for as long as possible. Knowing the best tips for wood floor cleaning and carpet cleaning are essential for keeping it in tip-top condition.

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Here, we look at some tips to help you keep your floor clean and in the best possible condition.

Make sure you sweep it regularly

Sweeping the floor daily, as tedious as it sounds, is the most obvious and one of the simplest ways of keeping it free of dust and dirt while stopping it from getting too scratched. If small fragments of gravel and dirt are left and constantly trampled in, no matter how small they might appear, they can ruin and scratch your floor. This is particularly a problem with genuine wood floors.

However, it is important to be careful of the kind of broom or brush you use. Some brushes may scratch it, depending on the kind of flooring that you have. You want one that is actually firm enough to move the debris, but soft enough not to damage it - the best bet is generally horsehair and rubber bristled brooms.

Vacuum and mop

Sweeping is fast and simple, but pushing a vacuum around will catch all of the bits you might have missed if you have the time, especially those odd bits of dust that always seem to avoid the broom!

Take note of the attachment you're using, because the wrong one will do much more harm to your floor, like the brooms. For various types of flooring, most modern vacuums now come with a number of attachments, so make sure you choose the right one.

You will want to mop your floor as well, but be cautious - it can be detrimental to do it too much. It is often better to mop it dry and use warm soapy water, or cleaners intended to be used for your type of floor. Do not use the steam mops that have become common in recent years if you have real wood flooring. This can cause the wood over time to shrink and become warped, which is the last thing that anyone wants!

Take off your shoes

Not only does this keep the floor clean and save all the dirt from the outside from being walked all through your home, but it also protects your flooring. The soles of your shoes can be too harsh for the floor, and small stones can be brought in the grooves of your shoes and trodden into the floor continuously, scratching and damaging it.

Try to get into the routine of taking off your shoes at the door and wearing house slippers or socks. In areas of the home where there is high traffic, put rugs down to protect from the unavoidable wear and tear and buy foot protectors for the furniture.

These measures are all very easy to follow and worth keeping in mind as you buy your new flooring. Through following these tips, not only will your flooring stay spotlessly clean, but it will look brand new.

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