Reaching Out to Grow Your Business

Friday, February 12, 2021


Often times we talk about different marketing tactics to spread the word about your business. And whether you use someone like Bennet Schwartz Sydney to find creative ways to reach an audience or you do it yourself, your business  can reach more people and bring in more clients and customers if you reach out in the right ways.  Obviously, social media strategies are very important in these modern times and can be a great advertising venue.  You can create organic content that shares what you offer to potential customers and allows them to interact with you and engage so you can build a relationship and gain their trust.  Sometimes asking a question to your audience can give you insight into what types of services or products people are looking for and you can explain how you can meet that need.  
Speaking out in other ways can be a big help, too.  You can network with local reporters or websites and have them write about what you offer so you can reach customers that you may not have reached through social media alone.  It's a great way to spread the word about your business and what you offer.  Not everyone is on a computer all day so a radio interview, newspaper article, or a feature in any other local publication can be very beneficial.  
When it comes to advertising your business, you can work with a creative director to figure out the best way to get the word out and even make attractive content or graphics that will catch the eye of consumers.  These people are trained to know the best way to market something to an audience and can work with you to best describe what you offer and make the advertisement appealing and attractive through graphic design, video, or photos.  
Remember, every product should provide a solution for something. Whether it’s a book with investing advice or a way to manage finances for a small business, it provides a resolution for an issue someone has.  That's why it's important to know your audience and when you reach a new audience, get to know them, too.  When you have customers, make sure you get their feedback on what they like and don't like and how you could better meet their needs or even attract other people in the same demographic.  
Public speaking at events is another great way to market yourself.   If you are able to find an outlet for this, you can basically sell yourself by explaining your service, your costs, and how you can personally help whomever you are present too.Be sure to do research on the organization or company you're speaking for and find an organic way to advertise your services while you entertain them.  Maybe you give a presentation on ways to keep your home's electricity bill down and then you offer that your company can service their HVAC system every year.  Explain the importance of this and do it in the right way, so it gets the audience thinking of how quickly they should reach out to you to book your services.  Speaking at it’s core really just helps to get the word about you out there. Some may not even know of your existence and your business before you present and that means you have to make a great first impression. Be presentable with your attire, bring props or slides and handouts, and speak with enthusiasm. It’s imperative that you rehearse what you plan to say, preferably in front of a friend or family member so you can get their feedback. If nerves are getting the best of you just remember, they don’t know what you’re going to say because you’re the expert on your subject matter so all they’re doing is eagerly learning.

It's always important to show off your logo when you speak or reach out publicly.  You can work with a graphic designer on this if you don't know where to get started yourself.   You want something they will remember you by easily. Have it displayed on the slides, the handouts, and even on signage right where you’re speaking. If you're doing an interview on TV, wear the logo on your shirt.  Remember that you want to make an impact so you stay fresh in people’s minds. Another great way to start connecting with the audience right off the bat is by telling a personal story they can relate to. It helps to get them ready to listen to you because they’ll immediately resonate with you and be intrigued to hear more.

There are so many great ways to reach out to others about your business, so don't be afraid to take charge!

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