5 Common Pests That Live in Your Home

Wednesday, February 3, 2021


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Just like all animals, bugs can also live anywhere they choose. However, nobody wants that place of residence to be their home. Whether you like it or not, these bugs will still find their way into your home. When such happens, you need to carry out safe and sustainable pest control - check https://naturesgatepest.com/ for more.

Here are some of the common house pets.
Dust Mites

However odd it may sound, your house has dust mites. Their tendency to feed off dead skin cells makes them thrive in surfaces that hold food particles be it your upholstery, your children’s toys, your bedding or carpet. You cannot eliminate these bugs; however, routine cleaning can reduce their population.

Use hot water to wash your beddings at least once a week. You should also regularly vacuum your carpet and furniture. To do away with these mites from your children’s toys put these items in a freezer. Avoid washing them but instead, seal them in a zip bag and lock them in a freezer for a minimum of 2 days. These bugs cannot survive in freezing temperatures.

They mostly gain access to your property through groceries. The adult weevils drill into grains and lay their eggs there, making it impossible to know if you have brought these bugs into your home. You will only realize their presence once their eggs hatch and they start crawling everywhere in your house. The easiest way of doing away with them is through ridding yourself of all the unsealed and dry cereals and foods such as cornmeal, pasta, oats and flour.

Also, do away with packing boxes that do not have sealed packets inside. Although they do not consume these boxes, they provide an avenue to hide, lay their eggs and crawl into your space. Remember to clean your cereal shelves after ridding yourself of these boxes and unsealed and dry cereals. After cleaning, spray the area with an insecticide. After that, restock.
Carpet Beetles

Adult carpet beetles are harmless. However, their larvae are very dangerous. These bugs can eat holes in your books, rugs and even clothing. They are usually unnoticeable and their infestation is only known after they have caused severe damages to some of your property.

If you notice anything strange with your carpet, rugs or clothing, conduct safe pest control measures.
Fruit Flies

Fruit fly infestations can sometimes get out of control. In the morning, you may notice one fly buzzing around your mango, and when you come home from work in the evening, you may find tones of them. Fruit flies multiple very fast. Their larvae can hatch after a day, and for you to terminate them, you need to act swiftly.

Starve them by storing all your fruits in the refrigerator. Furthermore, clean your counters and chopping boards after preparing food and ensuring that all your garbage is emptied every day.

These bugs mostly live outdoors; however, they often hibernate indoors when temperatures become cold. When you spot one in your home, do not squash it and they will release a foul smell which attracts more of its kind. Instead, vacuum them and dispose of them far from your house.

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