Ask Away Blog: Bricor Shower Review & *Giveaway* Ends 8/2

Bricor Shower Review & *Giveaway* Ends 8/2

Friday, July 26, 2013

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Bricor offers a wide range of showerheads with a low flow rate as low as .375 gallons per minute, up to as high as 1.5 gallons per minute. They even have flow rates up to 6gpm!!   When you install one of their water saving products you are still going to get the most powerful flow on the market as well as the most economical for your home or your needs!   A water guzzling showerhead is a money waster for sure so there's no point in using one daily when you can invest in a Bricor showerhead and save so much energy and money in the long run, especially if you have a big family! 
It's possible to save up to $180 or more a year per person in your household!  

I received a showerhead from Bricor and it's a 1.5 gpm handheld.  This is great because I use the handheld hose a lot when I wash the dogs, or when I have to rinse out my hair really good if I do my own dye job or a conditioning treatment in it!   I love how easy it was to install and how great the flow of water is! I get wonderful pressure from it still, and it certainly gets the job done, yet I am not wasting water. 

I love that luxurious look of this showerhead.  I can tell a big difference between this showerhead and even the hose, versus cheap ones I've seen in discount stores.  Plus, I know I'm saving money in the longrun and that is really important to me especially because I'm on such a tight budget!!

One winner will receive a Bricor Showerhead of their own!!

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  1. i like the ultra max lowest flow shower head

  2. Actually this Low Flow hand held that you reviewed is my favorite. I desperately need something that makes giving all 4 dogs a bath easier (especially since they hate baths!)

  3. I like the one you tried out!

    Xo Chelsea

  4. Love the Elite-E Hotel Shower head!
    Thanks for a great give-away!

    cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

  5. UltraMax – Lowest Flow Shower Head

  6. I like this one - Low Flow Hand Held Shower Head from Bricor, it would work in my shower very well.

  7. I like the EcoFIT – 1.25 GPM shower head.

  8. I like the EcoFIT – 1.25 GPM shower head.

  9. I like this one you have. Especially because you mentioned how you can shower your dogs with it. I get tired of using a cup to wash my Yorkie. He doesn't like it.

  10. My favorite is the Low Flow Hand Held Shower Head. We like the handheld shower heads because they are so useful for taking a shower and cleaning the shower.

  11. I like the Bravo PC shower head!
    CrystalW07 (at)

  12. The low flo pre rinse sprayer

  13. SHERRIE C.

    I like the Elite-E – Hotel Shower Head


  14. I like the Low Flow Hand Held Shower Head.

  15. I like the Elite-E – Hotel Shower Head

  16. i like Bravo PC shower head

  17. UltraMax – Lowest Flow Shower Head

  18. Hard to choose one cause I like most of them. The Bravo is nice. I also use a hand held shower head to wash my dogs and would love to have this for my second bathroom for me and the dogs, thank you for the chance to win,


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