The Simple Reason SNOOPING is Bad for Your Relationship

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Many readers have asked the question of if they should look in their boyfriend's cell phone or not.  My answer will always be NO!  There is one golden rule and reason why there is no need to snoop.  

Snooping does nothing.  You gain nothing from it, in fact you will actually lose trust in someone from doing it.   Why?   Because even if you don't find something, you will always find a way to interpret what you do find into something bad.    But ultimately...

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Once you snoop you will become dependent on snooping in order to trust that person.  Even their own words won't reassure you.   Once you break that rule and go past that limit, your mind will keep trying to convince you to check and double check what your boyfriend or girlfriend's answer was, and make sure that's really what they did, said, who they were with, etc. 


I feel no need to snoop on my boyfriend at all and I never have.  If you have a great guy, you'll trust him and that's what's important!

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  1. I totally agree! I always think that if you force yourself to look, you'll force yourself to read into something that you find! Not a good mix!


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