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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Joya Shoes are a Swiss brand of shoe that offer your feet a soft, cushiony, supportive  sole.  Pretty much after a few days of wearing these, it becomes clear why they are known as the world's softest shoe.

Not only are they super soft but they are good for your back, posture, legs, and feet.   After a long day on your feet it's kind of funny to see the word joy inside of these shoes...until you realize that it's a joyous thing for sure because you no longer will have tired achey feet!   These definitely bring me joy because I have long suffered from foot problems such as plantar fasciitis!  They have a soft elastic sole that makes you walk soft heel to tow in a natural roll motion.  This is much better for your feet and it gives you a more upright posture! 

This video gives a great glimpse into the brand!


I received the Bali Black shoe from Joya and right away I could feel the high quality.   The amount of comfort is similar to walking on fluffy pillows.  I feel no pressure or pain!   Before this, after about an hour on my feet, I would get sore arches, achey heels, and during the night my feet and calves would cramp up.  Plantar Fasciitis is no joke and sadly, it's easily caused by wearing shoes that don't properly support your feet.  Even if you suffer from it currently, it's not too late to help your feet heal and protect them from future problems, by wearing a supportive healthy shoe.  These are so comfortable!  They slide on so easily but yet they stay securely on my feet. They don't rub or give me blisters.  I  no longer wake up with sore feet first thing in the morning, and I don't have any problems walking around outside on my lunch break at work when I slip these on.  It's nice to let my feet breath without sacrificing comfort.  

You can purchase Joya Shoes at their online shop here:  

And also at Downtown Shoes and Foot Dynamics!

And.... one lucky winner will get the Bali Shoe from the Pure Collection  in Black, Red or Blue!   

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  1. I like the Malta Earth shoes

  2. I really like the Malta Earth

  3. My favorite item is Joy Figi Water

    cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

  4. The Joya shoes sounds like the kind of shoe I could really use for comfort and fit! I like the looks of all of them!

  5. Other than the Bali shoe...I also love the Vienna Black!

  6. The zebra pink and gray is my favorite!

  7. My new boots rub against the calf, so I always try to tuck my jeans into them or wear leggings with my dresses/skirts. Otherwise, these boots are great.

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