It's Okay to Use Dating Websites

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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It's a shame that the second we see a commercial for a dating site online, we tend to laugh and crack a joke, but if oyu are single and like most people in their mid 20's...busy and overwhelmed with life, it is certainly okay to embrace the convenience of an online dating site! In the past, I've written about how dating sites give you a huge advantage by matching you up with a similar person in regards to morals, values, personality, etc. 

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Not only that, but dating sites cut back on the time you have to spend over a few years searching for your other half.   Bars aren't the best place to meet someone, and when you are at the grocery store, how are you supposed to know if someone's single or not? Most men won't just start talking up a stranger these days because it's not worth the effort if it turns out someone has a boyfriend at home.  

With just a few minutes a day checking your inbox, a dating site can give you fast results and easy matches, and you don't have to do any work until it's time to communicate and meet for a date!   So it is still possible to focus on your career while looking for love!!

Have you had success with online dating sites?

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  1. I actually met my husband online; though, it wasn't through a dating site, but still, it was online. My brother, on the other hand, did use a dating site to find the woman who he is actually marrying this upcoming November. I hate that people have such a negative outlook when it comes to online dating because you can find love through the internet. I'm a huge supporter of online dating.

  2. Two of my best friends had recent luck with dating sites. They're 23 and 24 years old and both now have steady boyfriends they met on the site! With the popularity and familiarity of social media sites, I think online dating sites are a comfortable and natural way to meet people!


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