Hotter Shoes Review

Friday, July 26, 2013

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Hotter Shoes originally started in the UK but is available in the US too of course! They started with slippers, and realized that stylish shoes CAN be as comfortable as slippers. It's always important to look good but take care of the long term health of your body, and that means wearing supportive, comfortable footwear.  And Hotter Shoes also offers great customer service for the person wearing their shoes!   Fast shipping, easy returns,and passion and dedication behind their entire company.  The cushiony comfort of their shoes is just the tip of the ice berg.  It's hard to find durable quality footwear these days so it's great to know that Hotter Shoes will offer great customer service on top of an already trendy and comfortable line of shoes.  Every single pair of shoes is millimetre perfect and hand polished before being carefully wrapped in tissue and placed in it's box.  Isn't that how it should be anyways?  It's so nice to know a company puts so much time and effort into their product!  

Every year they increase the number of shoes they make in their factory and last year they made a record 1.3 million pairs!   They are now the biggest shoe manufacturer in the UK. 

  I received Naxos Bronze Sandals and my boyfriend received Roads Black Dress Shoes.  Let me tell you the Road shoes are so classy and look sharp on my man!  They are very comfortable and such high quality, you can tell just by looking at how shiny they are before you even wear them! These are great for any kind of formal affair and even just for everyday business use.   My Naxos Bronze Sandals are super stylish and go with a ton of different options in my wardrobe, but more importantly for me, having suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for way too long, these sandals are super soft and comfortable.  I don't get blisters, my feet don't get sore and tired, and they are easy to walk in without fearing them slipping off or causing me to trip!

I highly recommend taking advantage of the quality shoes and great customer service from Hotter Shoes!

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