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Monday, July 22, 2013

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SummerSox is the solution we all need this Summer if we plan to wear flats and nice sandals WITHOUT having smelly feet. I've already ruined many a pair of my nice shoes because I just can't deal with the smell, and no matter what at home things I try like baking soda, etc. I still can't get the smell out.  The trick is to prevent the smell and never let it hit your shoes! That's why SummerSox is a must have!

SummerSox won't make your feet hot and won't make you look ridiculous because they are discreet and blend right in with your shoes!  They are basically a thin insole that absorbs  sweat and odor and keeps your feet cool.   In the winter, it will keep them warmer and because of their thin design, you'll never have to worry about them slipping around!  If you wear a fresh pair each day, you will have way better foot hygiene, and you'll extend the life of your shoes! Each day the sweat SummerSox absorbs will be removed with the insole!

I received a pair of SummerSox and man have they made a difference! They definitely don't slip around and they are so discreet, no one even noticed I had them.  I was thrilled to see them come in different designs so when I order more I can get some fancy animal print ones!   They really kept my feet dry and clean and that's a big deal for me because I wear my shoes for about 8-9 hours each day at work!   And I love the washable and reusable adhesive in them! I literally took them out, washed them in the washing machine, and used them again.  This was amazing! oes. Their special washable/reusable adhesive makes them stay put all day until you take them out and throw them in the wash to use over and over again. That's right, the adhesive stays sticky!They are made of cotton and also made in the USA so I am super proud to wear these!
And one lucky reader will get SummerSox of their own!
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  1. like that they are machine washable

  2. love that they are unnoticeable insoles. who would want to have these noticeable. I would love to have these during our summer season here in California.

  3. I like the aqua the butterfly and the animal prints! I love that they are washable!


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