Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates Review & *Giveaway* Ends 7/17

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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I am a sucker for chocolate, like most people, but when I tried Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolate, I was instantly in love! Their chocolate is artfully crafted from silky, smooth Belgian dark, milk, and white chocolates that are made from 100% pure cocoa butter.  I can not believe how luxurious this chocolate is!!

I tried pretty much one of each chocolate from Guylian and let me tell you it was absolutely delicious!

The truffles were absolutely delicious and came in marbled milk and white chocolate which was amazing and the perfect mixture.  They also have marbled white and dark truffles and extra dark truffles.  All were delicious and I absolutely could not select a favorite out of these.  I loved the pure chocolate bars in milk and dark chocolate.  They weren't overpowering, yet they still went perfect with a tall glass of milk.   One of the amazing things was the hazlenut cream inside of these chocolates,  and I never thought I would be such a fan but I really truly am!   You can taste the expensive luxurious chocolate flavor in every bite.  

These chocolates are perfect for wine pairing when you have guests over and you want to serve a glass of wine with a delicacy of chocolate.

Guylian Chocolates has a new fan in me! And one of my readers will win some chocolate of their own!!

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  1. Artisanal Belgian Chocolate Truffles

  2. like these
    Artisanal Belgian Chocolate Truffles

  3. My favorite item is the Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles

  4. loving their marble white truffles. yummy

  5. I would most love the extra dark chocolate truffles! My fav!

  6. The artisianal belgian chocolate truffles look divine


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