Buttoned Up Password Log Review

Monday, July 15, 2013

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It's no secret that I love organizing and even my brain needs organized sometimes.  And  Buttoned Up offers several bootcamps to help you get organized better and they even have a line of useful products!  I especially liked the Kick Clutter to the Curb Boot Camp on their site.  Perfect for people that love organizing and cleaning and need to get a handle of it!  Even if you aren't a big fan, it would be much easier to take this Boot Camp instead of not bother getting organized!  Clutter is a problem for many people and the boot camp comes in 3 levels - DIY, Middle Level, and Upper Level (1-on-1 Coaching). 

One problem I have is all the websites I log into for different reasons, and keeping my log in and passwords straight for all of them.  So when I received a Password Log from Buttoned Up it was perfect! It has 50 pages of 2 accounts per page. It only costs $4.95 and it's literally a really safe way to keep your passwords stored because you can keep it in a safe or somewhere else and no one will know what it is when you just remove the label on the front!  

I highly recommend everyone invest in one of these!!
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