BrylaneHome Camp Chair Review

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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BrylaneHome offers great products for the home so it's easier for you to decorate with the latest styles, colors, and designs!   The prices are great year round and there's no need to wait for a sale when everything's already priced as if it were on sale!   There are two parts of BrylaneHome....there's BrylaneHome and BrylaneHome Kitchen.  The home side has bedding, home accents, and housewares!  Need new drapes or sofa covers?   Look no further!  BrylaneHome Kitchen offers tabletop entertaining decor, appliances, storage, organization, and more!

I received a Jumbo Size Camp Chair from BrylaneHome! This is perfect for when you are attending a picnic or a backyard BBQ and need to bring your own chair!   Of course if you are camping, this chair is a luxury as well.  It supports up to 300 lbs and has nice wide arm rests with built-in cup holders.   There's even side pockets for magazines, sunglasses, and whatever else you want to keep by your side!  I keep my kindle in it so I can pull it out and read it while I relax outside and catch some rays!  But the best part, for me atleast, was the awesome drawstring tote that it folds and stores in so it's easier to carry and transport!!  It also ensures that cobwebs won't be on it after sitting in the garage for a week or two! 

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